National Guard Association Slams Extension Of Soldiers In DC As ‘Inappropriate At Best, Illegal At Worst’

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Maj. Gen. Michael T. McGuire, the adjutant general of the Arizona National Guard and Association Chairman has called for an end to the presence of troops’ in Washington, DC following a two-month extension this week.

He told the Washington Examiner on Friday: “This enduring requirement of having them around the city, I think it’s completely inappropriate at best, illegal at worst”.

RT reports: National Guard troops were deployed to DC following the January 6 riot at the US Capitol that led to five deaths, including that of a police officer. The continued presence of the soldiers, as well as extensive security measures, have become an increasingly hot topic as critics question what exact threat it is they are protecting against. 

McGuire, who took over as the head of the national group representing and advocating for hundreds of thousands of citizen soldiers in February, has refused to authorize troops from his own state to be deployed to the Capitol.

“The National Guard specifically is the last line of defense for direct policing action only in the emergent period when it is life, limb, protection of property,” he explained. 

The Department of Defense agreed this week to keep thousands of National Guard troops stationed in DC until late May based on a request from US Capitol Police. If not for the agreement, the Guard’s mission was to end at the end of this week.

The Pentagon promised in a statement to work with US Capitol Police to “incrementally reduce the National Guard footprint as conditions allow.” Spokesman John Kirby has insisted the continued military presence in the nation’s capital city is to afford Capitol Police “some time and space” to be better prepared and staffed in case something like the January riot happens again.

Though he said he does not want to see the troop presence become “an enduring mission,” he neither confirmed nor denied whether an extension would be granted beyond the new May 23 deadline. 

In a leaked internal memo, National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Daniel Hokanson also said he disagreed with the continued deployment of Guard troops, saying it may “impede our ability to man future missions.” He cited individual state needs that should be a priority for the Guard, including Covid-19 vaccine distribution, natural disasters, civil unrest, and national disaster emergencies. 


  1. The National Guard are being used as a Political Arm of the Democrat Party . Which IS ILEAGALL. If they haven’t been used in these same numbers to stop the Antifa/BLM riots Nation wide. There is no rational argument to the contrary. The fact that they are willing to go along with this sham is a breach of their oaths to the Constitution and the American People. Which puts them in a very precarious position when viewed by the ordinary tax paying, law abiding Citizen. One only has to look to Germany in 1939 to see clearly what is in play on our shores . And the outcome that resulted in Hitler’s actions. Since the DNC is using his playbook by the line to enslave the American People . I can easily see the same outcome here.

  2. Marco Rubio and other bi-curious congressmen must be protected from shirtless, tall handsome man like Q lord penetrating the capital for a selfie.

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