FBI’s Wray Had Hunter Biden’s ’SICKENING’ Laptop Since December – Kept It Secret From POTUS

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FBI Director Christopher Wray had Hunter Biden's sickening laptop from hell since December last year but didn't tell President Trump about it

FBI Director Christopher Wray had in his possession Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” but did not inform President Trump about it.

On Saturday, Chinese-owned G-TV released several disturbing images and videos from Hunter Biden’s laptop, including video and photo’s of his drug-fuelled sexual misdeeds.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Crack-addicted Hunter Biden was Joe Biden’s bagman for many of his multi-million dollar foreign pay-for-play schemes.

On Sunday Jack Posobiec and OANN broke the news that corrupt FBI Director Chris Wray hid this laptop from President Trump and the nation.

Axios reported on Sunday that it is likely that Wray will be fired immediately following the election.