CIA Alert Public That More ISIS Attacks Are About To Occur

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CIA director warns public that more ISIS attacks are imminent

CIA Director John Brennan has warned the American public that ISIS are planning more attacks across Europe and America. 

During an CBS News interview, Brennan said there is a strong likelihood that ISIS will cary out more attacks in the immediate future.

I think ISIS’ capability to carry out attacks outside of the Syria-Iraq theater could increase in the short term,” Brennan said. reports:

In a CBS “This Morning” interview, the nation’s intelligence chief said, “I think ISIS’ capability to carry attacks outside of the Syria and Iraq will continue and could increase.”

He added, “Could increase in the short term.”

The interview came before the attacks over the weekend in Minnesota or New York.

Brennan said that the ISIS attacks around the world are the product of investments by the terror group.

He said, “They have invested in this over the past several years. And right now I think they are trying to reap the harvest of those investments.”

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