Putin Calls Saudi King In An Effort To Stop World War

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Putin calls Saudi King to avert World War 3

President Putin made an unusual and urgent call to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Wednesday after the leader of Saudi Arabia refused to speak to President Obama on the upcoming Syrian ceasefire later this week – a situation which risked a World War if left unresolved.

The Saudi king spoke to Putin about the nature of the Russian-US ceasefire agreement in Syria, before agreeing to cooperate with it.

“The king of Saudi Arabia welcomed the reached agreements and expressed readiness to cooperate with Russia for their implementation,” The Kremlin reports.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

The Russian-US agreement on Syria, this report explains, was completed two days ago and calls for a ceasefire to begin in Syria at 00:00 (Damascus time) on 27 February 2016, but does not include airstrikes conducted by Syrian, Russian and the US-led coalition against Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) and al-Nusra Front terrorist forces that will continue.

The anger existing between President Obama and king Salman, this report continues, revolves around Saudi Arabia’s moves to collapse the United States oil production economy, which in 2015 had cost the jobs ofnearly 300,000 Americans (and more expected in 2016) and just this week the Saudis telling the US that not only would they not stop flooding the world with cheap oil, they issued a warning to their US counterparts “to cut costs or go bust”.

Also angering the Sunni nation of Saudi Arabia, this report notes, is their belief that President Obama was secretly placed into office by America’s oligarchy class to move the US away from them and towards their centuries old enemy Shiite Iran—which was stunningly openly admitted to recently by the head of General Security for the Emirate of Dubai, General Dahi Khalfan, who said: “Obama, who has a Shi’ite origin, was elected to converge between the points of views of Iran and the US to stop the Iranian nuclear military project. The plan succeeded.”

Though this “plan” of rapprochement between the US and Iran against the Saudi’s described by General Khalfan may have succeeded, though, this report continues, the barely two-day old Russian-US agreement over Syria (also approved by the Syrian government and some rebel groups) appears to be headed for failure before it even starts after US Secretary of State, John Kerry, yesterday, warned that the Obama regime was working on a “Plan B” to rip apart Syria by partition.

To how foolishly, and dangerous, the Obama regime is being by even contemplating their “Plan B”, this report says, Foreign Minister Lavrov warned them about by grimly stating: “We want to say frankly that these voices are a call for war rather than for peace.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov further rebuked the Obama regimes “Plan B” escapade by stating that Russia would have nothing to do with it—and though not exactly stated, reinforcing Minister Lavrov’s contention that those against this agreement were headed for war—and most certainly includes US ally Turkey, who while Russia is taking “concrete steps” to implement a ceasefire, is continuing its shelling of Syria.

And with the Kurds now warning Turkey (the NATO nation that itself is nearing total civil war) that should they enter Syria a “big war” with Russia will be started, this report concludes, the true motivation of the Obama regime must be brought into question due to the US flooding the Federation’s Eastern Border nation of Germany with a staggering 5.000 tons of ammunition to be used against Russia and their just announced plans to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons while tens-of-millions of their citizens remain jobless, and millions more homeless.


  1. a blind man can see ,….evil obama and nwo friends are now hell bent to destroy our over populated world and get there 666 mark of the beast enslavement of mankind in power ASASP …but not so ?….almighty yahwey knows there every move …..watch this space as jesus comes ..amen

    • That little turd O is destroying the entire world. It is difficult to believe anyone would be allowed to have that much power to destroy. Since Trump is a man of honor, I doubt he has any ties to these sinister forces. Not sure how he is going to stop it, but the answer may lie in his use of our military, which should not further antagonize Russia.

  2. a blind man can see ,….evil obama and nwo friends are now hell bent to destroy our over populated world and get there 666 mark of the beast enslavement of mankind in power ASASP …but not so ?….almighty yahwey knows there every move …..watch this space as jesus comes ..amen

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