Author Alex Berenson Says There’s An Unusually High Number Of ‘All Cause Deaths’ Around The World

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carlson and Berenson

Best selling author and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson appeared on Tucker Calrson’s show last week to discuss what could be causing an abnormally high number of deaths across parts of the world.

Government data from around the world has been showing that the so called ‘all cause deaths’ have running ‘well above normal’ over recent months, not only in the US but in the UK and parts of Europe.

Berenson said that in the big countries in Western Europe, notably the UK and Germany, deaths were suddenly running higher than normal and that that has been true in the UK for several months.

Remember, he said, the UK vaccinated a lot of people early this year. They’ve had deaths running higher than normal for a couple of months. Germany, the vaccinations happened closer to the spring and they’ve had deaths higher than normal in September. We don’t know why.

He added that looking at data from the UK, cardio vascular deaths seemed to be driving this.

It seems that Carlson and Berenson are cautiously dancing closer to the truth.

A transcript of their discussion can be found here


  1. This is why the smart professionals, the scientists and so on aren’t getting jabbed. This is why we don’t know what the politicians are getting We do know some states have given their entire members immunity from requiring the jab whilst forcing the peasants to take it. We also know the elite lie and deceive.

  2. They are poisoning all intelligent folks. Governments don’t want intelligent and honest people so they are targeting them. There is no COVID or any other cardiac disease for that matter. If there ever was such pandemic human civilization would not have lasted for so long. There is only food adulteration, air poisoning and water contamination using means like radiation. Everything you consume which is packed and labeled by the corporate cronies is already poisoned. Anything you eat, does not have even a portion of nutrients they claim to have. They are depriving people from what nature has made free for everyone and selling them stuff which people already own. Why are people prematurely aging and dying. It is because of these poisoners who are running governments. Ordinary folks are dying at the ages of 20s, 30s and so on, while almost all politicians throughout are living well above 90s. Something is clearly fishy. Even Bible mentions people living 800-1000 and being youthful for all their lives.

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