Sheriff’s Deputies Seen Beating Man In Shocking Surveillance Video

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Two Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies are seen in a horrifying, violent video brutally beating a suspect with batons after catching up with him following a chase.

Sheriff Gregory Ahern put two officers on paid administrative leave on Sunday, after the emergence of a 13-minute video showing the excessive beating of a man.

The suspected car thief was punched to the ground and repeatedly beaten with excessive blows from police batons following a car chase in San Francisco bay area on Thursday.

An internal investigation has been launched by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office after the release of the violent video on Friday. The suspect, Stanislav Petrov, 29 suffered broken bones in his hands and arms and multiple lacerations to his head.

The Daily Mail reports:

Sgt. J.D. Nelson, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, said the beating came after the suspect ran when deputies approached him in a stolen car in the early hours.

He said the deputies believed the suspect was armed and possibly on drugs. A gun was later recovered.

Authorities said Stanislav Petrov, 29, rammed into the deputies’ patrol cars and knocked one of the officers down before leading them on the chase.

The officers reportedly pursued Petrov for 38 minutes until he reached San Francisco, reported. He then crashed his car and ran.

The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office released the video on YouTube on Friday and described the clip as ‘shocking and brutal’ in a tweet.

Having caught up to the suspect to Clinton Park and Stevenson Street on foot, one officer is seen tackling Petrov to the ground and punches him twice.

The second deputy arrives and starts hitting the man with his baton.

Soon, both deputies hit him with their batons as he screamed and alternated from laying on the ground and getting on his knees.

‘Lay on the f****** ground,’ one of the officers shouts.


Cops Caught On Tape YouTube video:

But even when police cars arrive at the scene with sirens blaring, the officers continue the beating while Petrov can be seen putting his arms up in a defensive position.

Petrov can be heard grunting in pain as he writhes around on the ground. He also clutches his stomach as he mumbles ‘Oh my God.’

He is then surrounded by several officers who shout at him to get his ‘hands behind his head’.

But the video, taken from surveillance footage, was actually recorded in 10-second increments with gaps in between, meaning the beating was actually twice as long as what was captured.

Alameda County sheriff’s Sergeant Ray Kelly said on Friday that the department had been alerted to the video shortly after it was posted online.

Kelly said that he had launched an internal affairs investigation into the incident, CBS San Francisco reported.

‘We’re going to do a complete and thorough investigation into this incident and figure it out,’ he said.

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