Richard O’Brien: Trans “Women” Are Still Men, Mutilated

Fact checked
richard o'brien

Best known as the creator of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Richard O’Brien, 73, is stirring up controversy by joining Dame Edna Star Barry Humphries and feminist icon Germaine Greer by making what some transgender rights activists are calling anti-trans commentary.

Could they all be right? While we should all be tolerant of those who wish to identify as a different gender, being born and raised as a man and then getting a sex change to call oneself a woman and expecting society to see one as such is unfair to genetically born women as it undermines not only the challenges real women face, but also the progress feminists have fought to achieve for decades.

Germaine Greer:

“I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that doesn’t turn me into a fucking cocker spaniel.”

“A man who gets his dick chopped off is actually inflicting an extraordinary act of violence on himself.”

Barry Humphries:

“I agree with Germaine! You’re a mutilated man, that’s all. Self-mutilation, what’s all this carry on? Caitlyn Jenner – what a publicity-seeking ragbag.

“It’s all given the stamp – not of respectability, but authenticity or something. If you criticise anything you’re racist or sexist or homophobic.”

And now Richard O’Brien:

“I think I agree with that. I agree with Germaine Greer and Barry Humphries. You can’t be a woman. You can be an idea of a woman.”

“You’re in the middle and there’s nothing wrong with that. I certainly wouldn’t have the wedding tackle taken off.”

“That is a huge jump and I have all the sympathy in the world for anyone who does it but you aren’t a woman.”

“I think of myself as Richard. I think of myself as a third sex and it makes things easier. I’m somewhere in the middle. My wife and children love me and celebrate me for who I am.”

“I wish we would see ourselves as members of a sentient race of beings and be nice to each other as human beings as opposed to male or female.”