BBC Caught Colluding With CIA In Fake Syrian 2013 Chemical Attack

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BBC and CIA faked Syria chemical attacks in 2013

Conclusive proof exists that the BBC in complicity with the CIA helped stage chemical attacks in Syria in 2013 in order to push for a war with Syria and Russia. 

The US were caught with Ukraine and Turkey, smuggling sarin gas into Syria in order to use it on Syrian civilians. One reporter working for Iranian state media, Serena Shim, was murdered by Turkish intelligence after she caught them transiting the Syrian border from Turkey with WMDs. reports:

Now Russia Today brings us conclusive proof that Britain and the United States tried to push for a war with Syria and Russia by staging chemical attacks inside ISIS controlled Syria using altered video and paid crisis actors.

There is now also conclusive evidence that real sarin gas attacks were staged in Syria as well with full American complicity and knowledge at the CIA and Pentagon but not the White House.

Sources in Washington tell us that when President Obama learned of the American ploy which killed hundreds of Syrian civilians, he ordered the US to “cleanse” the chemical and bio-weapons facility, the “Lugar Lab” in Tbilisi, Georgia.

During this “cleansing process,” VT gained access to the facility and witnessed transit of WMD equipment to US planes prior to an inspection by Russian media.

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