Russia Accuses UK Of “Colonial Hypocrisy” For Supporting US Strikes In Syria

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During a heated emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Russia accused Britain of “colonial hypocrisy” after the UK voiced support for US air strikes in Syria.

Russia’s UN representative Vladimir Safronkov told Matthew Rycroft ‘all Arab countries recall your ‘colonial hypocrisy’ as he warned against becoming involved militarily in Syria.

The Independent reports:

Matthew Rycroft, the UK’s ambassador to the UN, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had been “put on notice” after Donald Trump ordered cruise missile strikes on a Syrian air base in response to a chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun that killed at least 72 people, including 20 children.

The Syrian government has been widely blamed for the attack, although it denies involvement and has blamed rebel groups.

Mr Rycroft criticised Russia for giving the dictator “everything he could have dreamed of” in its continued support for his regime.

“The greatest war criminal of all, Bashar Assad, has now been put on notice”, he said. “The US strike was a proportionate response to unspeakable acts that gave rise to overwhelming humanitarian distress.

“Russia sits here today humiliated by its failure to bring to heel a puppet dictator entirely propped up by Russia, Hezbollah and Iran.”

His comments provoked a furious response from Russia’s UN representative, Vladimir Safronkov.

“Stop putting forward these unprofessional arguments and accusations against my country”, he said. “These are not diplomatic. These are lies. Don’t even try to get into fights in the Arab world. Nothing will work and nothing will be achieved.

“All Arab countries recall your colonial hypocrisy.”

The row followed Mr Trump’s decision to order a series of strikes on Syria’s Shayrat airbase, where the planes involved in the chemical attack are believed to have taken off from.