ISIS Plan To Explode Dirty Bomb At Rio Olympics

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ISIS have warned they plan to explode a dirty bomb at the Rio 2016 Olympics

The United Nations have sent advanced detection technology to Brazil over fears that ISIS plan to use a dirty bomb to attack the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have shipped hi-tech radiation monitors over to Rio in order to protect the Games from a ‘likely’ attack. reports:

According to the publication, UN security experts sent special equipment to Brazil to help prevent the potential threat.

It was also said that the IAEA provided portable dosimeters to delegates of the Games.

A “dirty bomb” is a radiological weapons consisting of a container with a radioactive isotope (isotopes) and an explosive device.

The explosion destroys the container with isotopes and distributes the radioactive substance on a large territory. The size of the bomb may vary depending on the amount of the material it is made of.

In addition, Islamic State terrorists published a video threatening to attack Russia.

In the video, the terrorists threaten Russian President Putin and the population.

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