Iraqi PM: ISIS Smuggles Majority Of Oil Through Turkey

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi has accused its neighbor, Turkey of being a hub for the “majority” of illegal oil smuggled by ISIS terrorists.

He also said that Turkey was not doing enough to stop the so-called Islamic State terrorists.

RT reports: During a meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Abadi stressed the importance of stopping oil smuggling from jihadi-controlled parts of Iraq and Syria. He also called for international support to help his country fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL)

ISIS oil convoys

“Turkey is a country neighboring Iraq, and a country that should be friendly with Iraq. They promised us that they would stop the entry of terrorists, however we need more action in order to stop the pumping of terrorists from Turkey into Syria and into Iraq. Also the stopping of the smuggling of petrol from Syria and Iraq and the financing of Daesh [the Arabic name for IS] in a general sense through this illegal trade,” Abadi said.

The Iraqi PM said that the Turkish side was aware of the issue which they promised to resolve under UN Security Council resolution adopted last month that had urged all nations to combat the ISIS threat.

According to the latest estimate more than 43 percent of Islamic State revenue comes from the illegal oil trade. Russian Ministry of Defense reconnaissance data gathered as part of the military operation in the Syrian skies shows that most of the illegal smuggling is done through Turkey.

ISIS Oil Empire: ‘It’s not smugglers with donkeys, it’s huge business with Turkey main conduit’


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