What the World Will Look Like When All the Ice Melts (Video)

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What will the world look like when all the ice melts?

Many experts believe that water levels in the ocean are rising as ice melts due to higher temperatures caused by climate change.

Right now, over five million cubic miles of ice exists on the surface of our planet, which one estimate says would take longer than 5 thousand years to melt if global warming rates continue.

An interactive map created by National Geographic shows what the world would look like if all the ice on Earth melted and added to the sea levels.

Estimates show that this would raise the oceans by 216 feet, flooding coastal cities and creating shorelines that are deeper inland.

The East coast of North America, including all of Florida would be underwater, along with the west coast cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, California.

Parts of Europe would be devastated by the Atlantic Ocean covering London, the Netherlands, and most of Denmark.

Although major cities in Egypt like Cairo and Alexandria would become part of the Mediterranean Sea, the continent of Africa would be least effected by rising sea levels.

In Asia, the country of Bangladesh with a population of 160 million would be entirely wiped out, and in Australia, the thin coastal band around the continent where four out of five Aussies live would be underwater.

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  1. So…What were the sea levels before and after the L.I.A. and the Medieval Warming periods? You know? When all the glaciers melted off of Greenland? Across North America? Northern Europe? Arctic Circle? Siberia? etc? Apparently the earth maintained BALANCE of resources…

  2. God sent the rainbow as covenant of fact he wont send another Flood .Course we know this one is thanks to clever science, air conditioners and refrigeratorsDont we?

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