UK Plans To Test ‘Armageddon Alert’ System Within Weeks

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armegeddon alert

The UK is set to test its ‘Armageddon alarm’ within the next few weeks.

Mobile phones will vibrate and sound an alarm as a warning of danger as the alert system is tested.

According to the Mail Online : Millions will hear an alarm sound from their phone and will receive warning text messages as part of the government’s new emergency alert system trial. 

The system is designed to warn people if there is a ‘danger to life’ nearby, with the imminent testing to focus on flooding and extreme weather conditions.

The phone owner will then be given details of the emergency along with advice on what to do and how to seek help. 

Labour has been pushing for the system for more than a decade and ministers have been promising to introduce it since 2013.

The government had also promised in August last year to launch it in October. 

Cabinet Office minister Kit Malthouse revealed at the time that the new scheme would allow the government to ‘warn people much more comprehensively’ about imminent danger such as floods, storms, wildfires or terror attacks.


  1. And rhe arseholes won’t let you turn the emergency services alerts s off cause ots not your device its theirs You only own the case and screen They own the operating system It’s theirs.

  2. I guess it is time to give up our constitution and republic in exchang for a Rockerfeller type one world government to combat this aliean invasion.

  3. YOU don`t need phones as sound broadcasts the same as radiowaves right into the DNA in optical and RF

  4. OK morons, what about the millions of people that don’t own cellphones? I’m fed up with the assumption that everyone on the planet owns one of those idiot devices.

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