Galloway Promises ‘UK Uprising’ If Corbyn Loses Leadership Bid

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George Galloway has vowed to lead the way in a British uprising if Jeremy Corbyn is pushed out of the Labour party

George Galloway has warned that if Jeremy Corbyn loses his leadership bid of the Labour party, people will take to the streets in protest against the corrupt system.

Galloway urged over 250,000 Twitter followers to back Corbyn’s leadership bid, telling citizens to fight back against efforts to block their vote by the Labour party.

He also told his followers that if the establishment try to bring Corbyn down they’ll have to “get around me … and millions like me“. reports:

But today he issued a startling warning to Corbyn’s opponents, posting an old picture of him clad in a dark overcoat and cigar in mouth standing in front of a perched Corbyn.

Galloway said the Labour leader’s detractors would have to “get around me [and] millions like me” to unseat him.

Despite the threat, some questioned why Galloway was positioning himself as the defender of “Real Labour” some 13 years after his expulsion from the party.

While MEP Nessa Childers claimed any Labour members who shared the post would swiftly join the “purge surge”, a reference to some Corbynistas’ theory they are having voting rights rescinded unfairly.

Galloway last year announced he would re-join Labour “pretty damn quick” if Corbyn won the 2015 leadership election, but has yet to do so.

The leader himself was asked whether he would like to see Galloway back in the party, to which he replied: “There is a five year rule.”

“If he applies in five years’ time, it goes to the National Executive, they decide. Not me.”

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