Woman Caged & Abused For 4 Years In Saudi Arabia By Father

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Saudi Arabia

A UK court has heard that a young British woman had been held prisoner by her father in Saudi Arabia for four years suffering degradation and abuse.

21-year-old Amina al-Jeffery, a dual national who was born in the UK, was removed from her home in Wales four years ago and taken to the Gulf state by her father

The New Arab reports:

London’s High Court heard that Mr al-Jeffrey, 62, has allegedly barred his daughter from using the internet, telephone and bathroom.

Lawyers representing Miss al-Jeffery also claimed that she has been subjected to physical violence and food deprivation.

It was said that Mr al-Jeffery is subjecting his daughter to this abuse because he disagreed with her lifestyle and wants to control her relationships.

The hearing was part of a bid by lawyers representing Miss al-Jeffery to assist her in her situation.

“Steps need to be taken to ensure Miss Jeffery is returned to the UK where her safety can be guaranteed,” the Foreign Office’s Forced Marriage Unit was quoted by the Independent as having said.

The office added that Miss al-Jeffery’s status as a British national was not recognised by Saudi authorities.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson, a lawyer acting on behalf of Miss al-Jeffery, said: “She is a normal Welsh girl and still has her Welsh accent”.

“She wants to return home so she can have control of her own life and make her own choices”.

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