YouTube Permanently Blacklists ALL “Conspiracy Videos”

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YouTube to permanently blacklist all conspiracy videos from the platform

YouTube has announced plans to permanently blacklist all videos it deems “conspiratorial” from its platform. 

The video platform has finally caved in to pressure from far-left journalists who have been aggressively lobbying the company to ban content creators and videos that go against the mainstream narrative. reports: While the Google-owned video giant has often courted controversy over some of the content that finds its way onto its platform, the company does have policies in place that serve as a guide to what is, and isn’t, allowed. Some of these videos are eventually taken down. But then there is content that YouTube refers to as “borderline” — it doesn’t breach any policies, per se, but at the same time many people would rather not see them.

And that is the content YouTube is now looking to scrub from users’ “up next” queue.

Rabbit hole

Anyone who’s spent even a short time on YouTube will know its addictive nature: what begins as an innocent 30-second session to watch a prank skit sent by their buddy descends into a rabbit-hole of neverending autoplay “recommendations” served up by the data-powered internet gods.

It’s in YouTube’s interests to keep you there, of course, as the more you’re on its platform the more ads you’ll likely view. The company also recently added swiping to the mobile app — to make it easier for you to skip to the next recommended video.

Bad actors

These recommendations all too often serve up unsavory content: ludicrous conspiracy theories about mass-shooting events being staged, far-fetched proclamations that the moon landing never happened, and hare-brained notions that the Earth on which we live is, well, flat.

Moving forward, YouTube promises that you’ll see less of those kinds of videos. This is similar to moves it’s made in the past to reduce clickbaity recommendations, or videos that are slight variations on something else you’ve watched.

“We’ll continue that work this year, including taking a closer look at how we can reduce the spread of content that comes close to — but doesn’t quite cross the line of — violating our Community Guidelines,” YouTube said in a blog post.

“While this shift will apply to less than one percent of the content on YouTube, we believe that limiting the recommendation of these types of videos will mean a better experience for the YouTube community.”

Today’s news comes just a week after YouTube won back one of the biggest advertisers in the U.S. AT&T had previously pulled its ads from YouTube after they were displayed alongside extremist content back in 2017, but it said it was now satisfied that YouTube had sorted out its programmatic advertising systems.

The latest changes will apply only to viewers in the U.S. at first — the company said it’s meshing human evaluators, subject experts, and machine learning to make these tweaks. More countries will receive this update in the future, according to YouTube.


  1. [R Notes: It Looks Like Nanny’s Moved In To Stay…I Find, As A Critical Thinker (Noting, as well, I CAN switch OFF “Auto-Play” AHEM…), I have been quite able to select and/or reject what I want to view on my own. Just another example of Google “fixing what isn’t broke”, like the the constant nagging on the Chrome browser, when it has a history of bugs, hacks and security breaches…I could WELL LIVE without Chrome not allowing a site to load under the lame “this site is insecure”, when what it actually means, is Google or its Corporate Supporters doesn’t LIKE it…and how about the unending clusterf@% that passes as Spam control in Gmail. I keep designating it SPAM of “deleting it forever…but it keeps on coming back. sigh]

    • Ever since the modern wave of social media, nothing online or in real life has been the same. MySpace and the old YouTube never hurt nobody.

      • cos its owned by facist communist lunatics hell bent on taking over humanity and enslaving them.

  2. What Jew tube is really doing here is trying to silence the truth movement. This is just a stepping stone for whats to coms from communist left.

    • Stop blaming Jews… its Elites. Cant stand ignorant unresearched generalisations like that. FYI The Elites are made up of 50/50 Jews and Christians. Check out QMap. It is the Elites that are the enemy of the PEOPLE, not Jews. Elites that are our common enemy. Divided we are weak. United we are strong. The Elites fear us united.

      • Its the khazar fake jews talked about in Rev 2:9. Fuck the elites. International jewry is humanitys number 1 issue at the moment. Even the orthodox jews agree with this statement. The first thing we need to do fix our situation is to get rid of the fed reserve and bring back the original constitution for the united states. Not this post civil war constitution of united states. Ive been a researcher on these topics for dam near s decade. Have 2 degrees but having an education means little when it comes to actual intelligence.

        • I agree. Just some people don’t understand the difference and automatically become divided against and hateful towards honest and hard working Jewish citizens. im not going to go down the “anti-semetism” card route as I know that is being exploited by those very elites who cowardly hide behind the Jewish faith. These Elites aren’t Jewish , or Christian.. they’re Luciferian. The only “us vs them” is the People vs the (so-called) elite. We have the numbers to take them out overnight… we just have to wake up those numbers… and time is not on our side right now with all the AI and censorship, 5G (this is most urgent), brainwashing etc

  3. Thought police.
    Anti freedom of speech.
    We decide for ourselves what is true and isn’t. We do not give them the right to dictate to us what is and isn’t. People have the HUMAN RIGHT to think and believe whatever they want, regardless if others disagree.
    And if huge multinational corporations trying to alter your perceptions by controlling what information you can access doesn’t raise alarm bells to you, and you believe their “cover” explanations / justifications, then sorry to say but you truly are brain dead… Sean.
    And by the way Sean (article author) who are you trying to dictate to us what is and isn’t true regarding conspiracies? Wheres your proof and sources? Or are we expected to believe you without question? Using blatant psy-op fake conspiracies like flat earth and moon landing as cover to justify blanket blocking any genuine conspiracies – leaving those in charge – the elites – free to engage in conspiratorial activities without question or challenge.

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”


  4. This is just more blatant oppression, I don’t care about the BS I can verify myself whether something is correct or not & what remains unverified stays to one side. All we need is to apply simple logic. If something is a theory then nobody has a right to suppress it until proven otherwise. With this suppression, whenever there is a real conspiracy we could all be doomed.

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