Oscar Winning Actor and Singer Irene Cara, Who Got Vaccinated For Her Birthday, Dies Suddenly

Fact checked

Academy Award and Grammy winning actor, singer and songwriter Irene Cara, known for singing the title tracks to “Fame” and “Flashdance,” has died suddenly, her publicist announced on Saturday, and the cause of death is “unknown.”

“It is with profound sadness that on behalf of her family I announce the passing of Irene Cara,” read the statement on Cara’s Twitter page posted by her publicist, Judith A. Moose. “The Academy Award winning actress, singer, songwriter and producer passed away in her Florida home.”

The cause of death is unknown, Moose said, and funeral services are pending. Cara was 63 and fully vaccinated.

“She was a beautifully gifted soul whose legacy will live forever through her music and films,” Moose said.

Cara was nominated for a best actress Golden Globe for her performance in the 1980 musical “Fame” and later won for singing and co-writing the theme song to “Flashdance” in 1984. Cara is also a Grammy winner who performed in numerous live theater performances during her career.

Fans and celebrities reacted to Cara’s death via social media on Saturday. Many people pointed out that Cara was a vaccine ultra who described her Covid-19 vaccination as “a very special birthday gift.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. All those who feel that doing the same thing over and over will produce different results – and who are willing to bet their life on it – roll up your sleeve.

  2. If she was last vaxxed 18 months ago, let’s take a wait and see attitude. It could be a Bob Sagget, or Natasha Richardson, or even Ivana Trump fall on the head kind of thing.

    • No they don’t, or at least they’re loath to acknowledge it thanks to egos as fragile as egg shells. If EV’s suddenly became sentient and began running people down en masse, Leftists would say there’s been a slight increase in car accidents.

  3. I’d feel better…
    If more of the vaccine pushers and lockdown despots were dying.
    Best would be humanity lynching Schwab, king Charles and Biden
    As they’re unfit for humanity.

  4. it’s really unfortunate because the Biden regime along with the chosen ones as the primary pushers of these ethnic bio weapons masquerading as vaccines are also the same people behind the climate scam and population reduction atrocities.

    This I think is all part of that and unfortunately they got a little over half the global population.

    People who get more of these vaccines damage their immune systems increasingly with every booster and become more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and the big killer… cancer.

    when what is left of humanity finally finds out who is really responsible for all of this, there will be hell to pay.

    want a clue? What is the race/religion and ethnicity of our surgeon general, FDACDC has like Wolensky, and heads of Pfizer and Moderna among others?

    you can call identifying them anything you want, but facts are facts, and people really don’t care about labels when their loved ones are dying in front of them far too soon after being bullied blackmailed coerced brainwashed into taking an experimental compound that they lied about from the very start.

    well, maybe it’s not experimental… Because remember the Maria Bartiromo interview with the head of Moderna not being able to answer her question about how they were able to patent a gene sequence found in the virus several years prior to its discovery?

    I wonder if he ever got back to her on that?

  5. Human nature is a pile of strange contradictions. One can have great talent, and yet do something very foolish. Talent is just a form of wisdom, but not the ultimate form. Many such cases.

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