Evidence Emerges of Massive Vote-by-Mail Fraud in Florida Primaries – Media Blackout

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Evidence emerges of vote-by-mail fraud in Florida primaries

This week’s Florida primary election was rife with reports of large numbers of ‘vote by mail’ ballots being returned as ‘undeliverable’ and then used to vote in tight elections in large numbers, changing the outcome of those elections.

According to investigators, the problem appears to be widespread in the State.

Below is a letter submitted this week to Florida officials. A file with associated data is also available to download here.


  1. there is proof of voter fraud all over the country, but nothing is being done about it. They blame it on majority of stupid people. but it is the media producing the image that we are a majority of stuipid people that would vote people in office liike pelosi, schumer. biden, linsey, and the likes.

    • The house members voted pelosi in and after she took a covid positive person in to boost her numbers too .That’s her and that’s the majority of them

  2. Nothing will change whilst it remains just a civil matter Voter fraud ,stealingbekections isnt a police matter by rule of law .And that’s how easy it is to understand that they’ve been stealing elections everywhere all the time .Because they made sure it wasn’t criminal .


    Settle For Nothing Less

    Fight The Good Fight

    “As a thief in the night….”, our Freedoms stolen, one slice at a time.

    FACT: Voting Machines record and count our votes in secret!

    FACT: Secret vote counting is UN-constitutional!

    FACT: Machines Deprive Your Right to Public Elections!

    Ignorant, Apathetic, or Committed to Freedom: Which Are You?

    Apathetic? If that’s your choice, go back to sleep.

    Ignorant? Read on, and then “Pitch In” for Freedom, or join the Apathetic Class.

    It’s up to YOU: Your Life — Our America — is about Your choices, OUR choices.

    The Freedom Stolen

    There is an essential principle of Freedom underlying the Constitution for the United States of America and its imperative oversight by We the People: It’s the principle of the public nature of America’s elections.

    Without this principle, neither Liberty nor a democratic Republic can exist.

    The principle of the public nature of elections requires every major step of the election process be conducted in public and subject to public examination – that is, “known by, or open to the knowledge of, all or most people.” Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Second Edition.

    The principle of public elections emerges from our Basic Law, the Constitution’s voting provisions: Article I, Section 2, Clause 1, Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 and the 17th Amendment.

    Except for 45% of the voting precincts in New Hampshire, the essential steps in the voting process — the recording and counting of the votes — are conducted by machines and are no longer subject to public examination and observation by the voters, Anywhere in America.

    Again, computerized voting machines both record and count your votes, in secret using hidden, electronic devices and enigmatic, corporate-authored software algorithms, not subject to either public observation or examination.

    Indeed, given that voting machines (both mechanical and electronic) record and count the votes in secret, is there any practical difference between state mandated voting machines; and an “election” where all the ballots cast are gathered and quickly moved to a non-public location to be “counted”, in secret, by unknown persons?

    Are We, the People to surrender our Public Elections, without a whimper?

    Are We, the People to simply trust that our votes have been both recorded and counted properly?

    Are We, the People to silently permit an unholy alliance of state election officials, voting machine vendors and transnational media corporations to seize the very Foundation of America’s democratic system of representative government?

    Are We, the People to stand quietly aside as state officials and even the federal Judiciary attempt to deny US these Fundamental Rights?

    Need we even ask these questions?


    Deeds not words. If it’s UN-Constitutional it’s a DANGER, it is NOT to be Tolerated, Period.

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