UNICEF-Funded Water Pipeline Destroyed By Israeli Forces In West Bank

Fact checked

Israeli forces destroyed a UNICEF funded water pipeline in the occupied West Bank on Monday.

The Ma’an news agency reported that Israeli bulldozers demolished a pipeline in the Jordan Valley region, which provided water for at least 47 Palestinian families.

Sputnik news reports:

The pipeline was funded by the United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF) with a construction cost worth 12,500 euros ($13,270), the news agency specified.

Earlier in February, Israeli forces demolished structures owned by Palestinians in the village of Kardala in the northeastern part of the West Bank, according to media reports.

About 500,000 Israeli settlers are estimated to be living in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which Israel partially captured during the the Six-Day War in 1967. The settlements are considered illegal by the United Nations.


  1. this is so so BAD, how could they, and yet the rest of the world goes out of their way to protect Israel, the chosen nation? ha!

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