Has NASA Found Evidence Of Life Beyond Our Solar System?

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NASA announced that it is about to reveal a “major discovery about life outside of our solar system” this week.

Some of the world’s leading voices on life beyond Earth will gather for a NASA press conference on Wednesday where a major announcement about life on exoplanets, planets that orbit stars other than our sun, will be made.

Exoplanets are the major hope for life elsewhere in the universe, as many have been found that resemble our own planet and could have the building blocks of life.  Exoplanets are widely believed to be the best hope of finding life elsewhere in the universe.

Yahoo News reports:

NASA vowed to broadcast the announcement featuring astronomers and planetary scientists from across the world on NASA Television and the agency’s website. The space agency was encouraging the public to ask questions during the briefing on Twitter using the hashtag #askNASA.

The announcement comes as NASA has also been working to send a lander to Europa, Jupiter’s ice moon, to explore the potential for extraterrestrial life. The project includes determining whether life can thrive on Europa.

The full press release about Wednesday’s major announcement titled “NASA to Host News Conference on Discovery Beyond Our Solar System” can be found below:

“NASA will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, Feb. 22, to present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets. The event will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

Details of these findings are embargoed by the journal Nature until 1 p.m.

Limited seating is available in the NASA TV studio for media who would like to attend in person at the agency’s Headquarters at 300 E Street SW in Washington. Media unable to attend in person may ask questions by telephone. To attend in person or participate by phone, media must send an email with their name, affiliation and telephone number to Dwayne Brown at dwayne.c.brown@nasa.gov by noon Feb. 22.

Media and the public also may ask questions during the briefing on Twitter using the hashtag #askNASA.

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  1. Can anyone ques what this is really about? You should by now! The fact is that scientist cannot really identify earth like planets many LYs away, as the distance for accurate observation and sensor detection is far too great; the idea that scientist have discovered such planets is just plain wishful and hopeful delusions for the sincere scientist, and agendas of deception for the fruitcake scientist working for the elite’s agendas. NASA, well, has based its existence on lies as a means for its purpose, in controlling knowledge and dissemination of knowledge to the public keeping them in a state of real ignorance with false/fake realities. Is what I am saying understood? So lets see what they will come up with this Wednesday!

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