White House Press Secretary: “Everything Is Fine at the Southern Border”

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White House Press Secretary insists everything is fine on the Southern border

The situation at the Southern Border is “perfectly normal”, according to Biden’s chief propagandist Karine Jean-Pierre.

Attempting to downplay the crisis on Thursday, Pierre claimed the huge influx of illegal immigrants currently pouring across the border at a record pace was simply a normal part of an “ebb and flow” in migration patterns.

Infowars.com reports: “What we’re seeing here at the border, the migration flow, increased migration flow, certainly it, you know, it ebbs and flows,” Jean-Pierre told reporters during a White House press briefing.

“And we’re at a time of the year where we’re seeing more at the border. And it’s not unusual. This is an immigration system that has been broken for decades. And the president has taken this very seriously to try to do more.”

Jean-Pierre’s nonchalant dismissal of the issue comes as startling footage in recent days emanating from Eagle Pass, Texas, Lukeville, Arizona, and other spots along the US-Mexico border depicts massive numbers of illegals encountered and apprehended by US Border Patrol, with agents confirming they are overwhelmed.

“I’ve spent hundreds of days there over the last 2+ years and I’ve never seen it like this,” admitted Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin.

Even a reporter with MSNBC gave a similar take, saying, “I’ve never seen this many numbers of migrants arriving.”

The videos directly contradict Jean-Pierre’s claims that the situation at the border is “not unusual,” but far from admitting the truth to the public the Biden administration is instead doubling down on its gaslighting and propaganda hoping American voters don’t see the damning evidence.

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