WEF Scientists Unveil Creepy Smiling Robot Face Made From Living Human Flesh

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WEF scientists unveil smiling robot made from real human flesh.

A team of WEF scientists have unveiled a creepy robot made from living human flesh which is capable of smiling.

The New Scientist posted a disturbing video showing the robot face that has real eyes and a creepy smile.

Modernity.news reports: The outlet writes “a smiling face made from living human skin could one day be attached to a humanoid robot, allowing machines to emote and communicate in a more life-like way, say researchers.”

What researchers are saying this now? Was Dr Evil not available for comment?

Imagine that pink nightmare smiling down at you as it announces it’s your new master.

The article continues, “The living tissue is a cultured mix of human skin cells grown in a collagen scaffold and placed on top of a 3D-printed resin base.”

Of course it is. Wouldn’t expect anything less for Robot McSkin Face.

It continues, “Unlike previous similar experiments, the skin also contains the equivalent of the ligaments that, in humans and other animals, are buried in the layer of tissue beneath the skin, holding it in place and giving it incredible strength and flexibility.”

So you’ll struggle to rip it off as you desperately attempt to reveal to the world the true identity of the new overlord.

But seriously, why does it need to be made of living human skin?

Can’t we just have the future killer robots look like robots please?

Are they intent on recreating The Terminator movies exactly?

Dystopian films and books are supposed to be warnings, not blueprints.

Remember They Live?

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