MSNBC: ‘GOP Is Greater Threat Than Al-Qaeda and ISIS’

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MSNBC declares GOP a greater threat than ISIS or Al-Qaeda

MSNBC declared last Wednesday that the Republican party is now “a greater threat than the terrorists responsible for 9/11.”

Yes, really.

On Wednesday’s Deadline: White House, guest Miles Taylor warned that the GOP is a “bigger threat to our democracy than organizations like Al-Qaeda or ISIS.”

Host Nicolle Wallace started the segment by asking Taylor whether or not the Jan. 6th protestors were “domestic terrorists.”

Taylor then claimed he spoke with an anonymous source on this topic: 

“I’m not going to dime out on television but a very prominent, former U.S. commander who said there are elements of the GOP that are starting to look like the jihadists that he used to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, spreading lies and conspiracy theories to radicalize a population. This was a very serious four-star commander who said the GOP is starting to look like jihadists.” reports: He continued his appalling remarks and used his counterterrorism knowledge to compare Donald Trump and January 6th to other terrorist movements: 

“They usually start with a political grievance that leaders say cannot be solved through peaceful means, and then they move to violence. So, after Trump started to propagate the big lie in November, a lot of us in the national security community said what he’s doing is actually tilling the fertile soil for extremists to pop up later on. In fact, we saw it as a ticking time bomb for an increase in domestic terrorism, and I think over the next two years you are going to see that, you’re going to see the spike in cases, and you’re going to see that because radicalized elements of the Republican party now represent a bigger threat to our democracy than organizations like Al Qaeda or ISIS ever did.

Al-Qaeda is responsible for the death of thousands of Americans and the destruction of the Pentagon and World Trade Center, but for Taylor, this was less of a threat than January 6th.

He later ranted about how people have become so “numb” to Trump’s behavior that it “legitimizes that sort of civil disorder and conduct.” Taylor and Wallace both slammed Trump for meeting with the mother of Ashli Babbitt, claiming it would be the same if a president met with the family of a jihadist responsible for the death of American troops. 

Unsurprisingly, the liberal media continue to push this narrative of January 6th, yet they refuse to cover the violent BLM riots in the same way. In fact, the left often praised and encouraged BLM protestors. However, the media would never label these riots as a threat to democracy.

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