Video: Non-Black Couple Dragged From Car and Shot Dead by Mob of Black Men in Chicago

Fact checked
Couple dragged from car and shot dead by black men in Chicago

A man was shot dead and his girlfriend critically injured in a shooting Saturday night in Humboldt Park, Chicago.

The shooting took place as people were leaving Chicago’s 43rd Annual Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade, which people from all over the country attend.

The victims had a large Puerto Rican flag waving from their car when they were ambushed by a mob of black men and dragged from the car and shot. reports: Police say the couple was “ambushed” by “up to three males.”

ABC 7 reports that “the man was rushed to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said. He has not been identified. The woman was struck in the neck and rushed to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, police said.”


No arrests have been announced at this time.


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  2. Those darn white supremacists are at it again……oh. It’s 3 blacks?. Never mind. Nothing to see here. Please go back to fearing the police. Thank you

    • WELL SAID! I don’t get why the Community aren’t protesting against these BLACK THUGS and all the BLACK CRIME. Although the blacks will probably get a mural painted of them. Sickens me

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