Healthy 12-year-old girl dies shortly after receiving HPV vaccine

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Another young girl has died from Gardasil, the infamous HPV vaccine manufactured by Merck & Co., and the medical establishment claims that it was a fluke. Twelve-year-old Meredith Prohaska from Waukesha, Wisconsin, died just a few hours after getting her Gardasil shot, and her parents are sure that the vaccine was the cause of death.

According to, Meredith was an otherwise healthy, fun-loving girl prior to her death. She did have a sore throat the day that she died, which is why her parents took her to the doctor in the first place. But it was a minor ailment that, in light of the events of that fateful day, couldn’t possibly have killed her that quickly or coincidentally.

Reports indicate that Meredith’s parents took her to the doctor during the morning hours of August 7. Around 10:30 am, she received her first HPV vaccine, which about 30 minutes later appeared to lull her into a deep sleep. Meredith’s mother Rebecca recalls having had to repeatedly wake her up so she could make it through the day.

Later that afternoon at around 3:30 pm, Rebecca left the house for about 30 minutes to get some food. When she returned, she found her daughter lying on the floor unconscious, upon which she initiated CPR — Rebecca served as an EMT (emergency medical technician) for the National Guard for 14 years, so she knew what she was doing.

When the CPR failed, Rebecca immediately called 911, and Meredith was rushed to the hospital. But it was too late — the girl was pronounced dead upon arrival, without explanation.

“It was the hardest thing when they called and said they don’t know,” stated Rebecca to “There was no reason [for her death]. She was the healthiest 12-year-old.”

Rebecca decided to take a closer look at the HPV handout that she was given that morning, only to find that her daughter apparently suffered certain rare side effects caused by the vaccine. But when the media caught wind of the story, damage control was quickly engaged, with a professor and medical doctor from the Milwaukee Health Department claiming that the vaccine wasn’t to blame.

Dr. Swain has accepted more than $1 million to promote vaccines

This doctor and professor is known as Geoffrey Swain, and reports that he has sucked heavily from the teat of Big Vaccine. According to Dr. Swain’s resume, which is available through the Center for Urban Population Health (CUPH), this pro-vaccine spokesman has accepted more than $1 million from vaccine interests to defend and promote vaccines.

More than $900,000 of this bounty came from the CDC, which apparently tasked Dr. Swain with investigating immunization rates (whatever that means). Another nearly $160,000 was given by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes vaccines and looks for new ways to get more people vaccinated.

Dr. Swain’s resume is available for viewing here: [PDF].

It is hardly surprising, then, that Dr. Swain publicly dismissed the concerns of the Prohaska family about the safety of Gardasil. In typical shill fashion, Dr. Swain quickly reassured the public that Gardasil is “very, very safe,” also emphasizing that it’s a “very safe vaccine and very effective.”

Of course it is, Dr. $wain.

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