Were The Bible’s ‘Fallen Angels’ Alien Astronauts From Mars?

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Bombshell claim about the origin of humans

Martian aliens that resembled humans seeded life on Earth according to experts.

Ancient astronaut theorists say that life on Earth was seeded from the Fallen Angels who came to earth not from heaven but from the Red Planet.

They also claim that these extraterrestrial ancestors can be found in the apocryphal texts of the Hebrew Bible.

The Express reports: Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadik, founder of the Koshertorah School told History.com: “We know from ancient legend of the Books of Enoch that there was a group of angels who descended to Earth in violation of divine law.

“They introduced to humanity, ways, means and knowledge – science and technology which we would not understand today.

“These angels were in human form and called “אִישׁ”, which means “men” and looked just like us.”

Dr Jonathan Young, founder curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives said: “The Fallen Angels were giants.

“They were at least 10 ft tall, were very striking to look at and had enormous eyes and no wings”

William Henry, author of Lost Secrets of the Watchers said: “For over a hundred years, mythologists have been contemplating this idea the Fallen Angels came from Mars to Earth.

“Even Dante described this in the Paradiso – he called this ‘the fifth level of heaven’.

“Is it possible that these Fallen Angels came to Earth from Mars?”

Experts are now debating whether we can now reinterpret this story of Fallen Angels as beings not from heaven but from Mars.

Based on examination of the astronauts living on the International Space Station, scientists have speculated on what physiological challenges might be seen in future generations of humans born on Mars.

And ancient astronauts suggest the resemblance to the descriptions of Fallen Angels may be uncanny.

Sue Ann Pen, Mars One Astronaut candidate, said: “One of the most amazing things about the human body is its ability to adapt.

“And if you lookout astronauts who go into space, they actually grow about two or three inches.

“And when you have a human that is born on Mars, what is going to happen is the environment is going to change the structure of the human body.

“And what you are going to see in a few generations is humans who will be taller and skinnier, because the gravity on Mars is less than that on Earth.”

Mike Bara, author of Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, said: “If humans evolve enough on Mars, they will grow up to become taller, they would have the bigger heads and skinnier limbs.

“They might grow slightly larger eyes, better equipped to see in the dark, because there is less sunlight on Mars as it is further away from the Sun.

“They could also look like representations of angels and various other god-like being which we have read about in the Bible and other ancient documents.”

David Childress, author of Technology the Gods, said: “These attributes to somebody from a low-gravity planet like Mars or being in space for a long time, may well have be the attributes we see in the Fallen Angels.

“They may be tall, spindly, pale and with large eyes – something that we might expect coming from another planet like Mars.”

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