Canadian Gov’t Sends Veteran Struggling with PTSD to ‘Suicide Pod’

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Canadian gov't sends veterans with PTSD to suicide pods

Justin Trudeau’s government has begun sending veterans struggling with PTSD to ‘suicide pods’ to die, according to reports.

Canadian military veterans are outraged after a Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) worker offered medically assisted death to a veteran struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and brain injuries.

As News Punch previously reported, the Canadian government’s solution to inflation, homelessness, skyrocketing crime, and food shortages – is to euthanise the poor: reports: The combat veteran never raised the issue, nor was he looking for Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID), and was deeply disturbed by the suggestion.

Watch the following report by Global News:


  1. Euthanasia was created in England, maybe even at Tavistock actually, and outsourced secretly to Europe. And Canada is england really All English Crown law.

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