Klaus Schwab “Deeply Condemns” Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine

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Putin Schwab

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its chairman, Klaus Schwab have condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

In a statement published on their website Sunday, Schwab, author of ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’, and WEF President Borge Brende said that their full solidarity was with the Ukrainian people.

Their statement reads:

The essence of our organization is its belief in respect, dialogue, and collaborative and cooperative efforts.

We therefore deeply condemn the aggression by Russia against Ukraine, the attacks and atrocities.

Our full solidarity is with Ukraine’s people and all those who are suffering innocently from this totally unacceptable war.

We will do whatever is possible to help and actively support humanitarian and diplomatic efforts.

We only hope that – in the longer-term – reason will prevail and that the space for bridge-building and reconciliation once more emerges.

Klaus Schwab and Børge Brende

Anti Empire reports: To be perfectly honest the last sentence makes me think WEF isn’t done with Russia yet.

This could also be read as WEF distancing itself from Russia because it has to, but still not giving up on restoring ties to its pupils there “in the longer term”.


WEF has actually gone and purged Vladimir Putin from its website.

WEF’s Vladimir Putin page on February 27:

WEF’s Vladimir Putin page today:


  1. This is like the 9/11 politically correct narrative or the Covid narrative. Or the school history books narrative or a y if the rest of the whole stinking steaming pile of it.

  2. …WELL WELL well….Looks Like The Real crook has Emerged from his den….Klaus Nazi Schwab !!…Working for the NAZIS in the Ukraine…Which In Fact still exists.!

    • Yes, I’ve read that Nazis never left Ukraine since WW2. Maybe Putin doesn’t like having Nazis for neighbors?

  3. wouldn’t it be nice if Putin pulled a night of the long knives on the bankers and the likes of Schwabb and Gates? All at the same time,

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve been reading all week that Putin was part of WEF’s Young Global Leaders program – guess Putin’s not behind WEF any more. So has he become a White Hat? Things that make you go hmm….

      • Who knows? Hitler and Stalin could have been on the same team, they just fought each other so they could get rid of all their brave and courageous men so they could get more control over their populations. Both men were financed by the same bankers.
        Exxon sold oil to hitler
        Ford sold trucks to Hitler.
        UK sold jet engine license to Stalin for his mig 15 jets used in Korean war. So we were dog fighting british jets, did you know that?
        There is more crazy crap that happened like this.
        Is Putin play his role or is he an independent thinker? I kind of think he is a good guy. At least he public says he is Christian and teared up when he talked about his baptism. That is more than I have ever seen any western leader do. Trump kind of said things, but never came out and proclaimed his belief in the most high. i have not seen it.

        • I did know Hitler and Stalin financed by same bankers, also about Exxon and Ford but didn’t know we fought british jets. There were alot of very hincky things re: WW2. As for Trump, when he was president he prayed every morning in Oval Office with a large group of pastors of several different Christian denominations including Alveda King, MLK jrs. niece. He has long professed to be Presbyterian, which is the faith he was brought up in, as his mother was from Scotland, home of Presbyterianism. How religious he is, who knows, that’s something only God knows IMO.

  4. The transparency of their deceitfulness is glaringly obvious. Right now here the government owned, Catholic controlled national broadcasterv, the ABC is running a Land line documentary (which are more or less meant to be about Australian agriculture and mining) for the man on the land, but instead is left wing Papal propagandas, featuring an obviously very well prepared totally anti Putin stunning feature undoubtedly prepared over months or years beforehand, in anticipation. Just like the Covid operation was all prearranged years in advance.
    The stench of their hypocrisy and conniving manipulations is unbearable.
    And its all been done globally and with full total knowledge that Putin, the 300 members of the Duma and the bilkionairecrussianbifatchs will be murdered and their wealth stolen and shared with all of the conspirators at the highest levels Billions divided up amongst hundreds.

    • And rhe billionaire Russian oligarch’s will be murdered and robbed
      Exactly like the Romanoffs before and the YUSSUPOVS and all of the French and Russian and Chinese wealthy in all of those so called people’s revolutions A lie as blatant as covid.
      Look into the missing gold deposits of the Romanoff girls dowries held in the Bank of England, which Initially the Bank confessed to holding, tonnes in gold, but then when realising a claim was to be made by Grandanor Corporation, suddenly realised that they couldn’t find it.That case ran for years but to no avail to the claimant. Rather like my familys claims to the gold deposits and bank deposits and land titles all denied too.

  5. This war makes no sense. For just one example, why would Trudeau, a self declared communist, take sides with Svoboda, and Ukraine Nazis, against Russia?

    What is really going on?

  6. Hey Schwabby, looks like Vladdy Putin, a graduate of your Young Global Leaders Program, has a mind of his own.

    Does not speak well of you, or your overly ambitious World Economic Forum, does it?

  7. Evidently Putin started out as one of them (i.e. one of Schwab’s puppets). But some people grow up and have a change of mind (and heart). My guess is that Putin has figured them out and no longer wants anything to do with them. If that’s the case I say “GOOD FOR HIM!”

  8. Schwab “deeply condemns” something. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAaaaaaa Ahaaaaaaaah….. he.
    That was funny.

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