Despite Issuing Vaccine Mandate OSHA Head Says ‘We Didn’t Demand That Anyone Be Fired’

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A senior Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) official was grilled on Capitol Hill this week

During Wednesdays House hearing, Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Douglas Parker was questioned over his agency’s issuance of a vaccine mandate for American workers, which he denied ordered unvaccinated employees to be fired.

The mandate would have affected 84 million American workers had the Supreme Court not stepped in.

Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) asked Parker: “Do you think OSHA has the power to force 84 million Americans to take an experimental vaccine?”

InfoWars reports: Referring to the mandate, Parker admitted OSHA did implement a rule that required “businesses of 100 or more employees to develop a program that would require employees to either take the COVID vaccine or get regular testing.”

“So what I want to know is if you believe that OSHA actually has the power to force 84 million Americans to do that?” Rep. Miller continued, to which Parker responded, “Well, the Supreme Court ruled on that matter.”

“Yes, thank God the Supreme Court ruled on that and stopped you from doing that,” Rep. Miller said, adding, “You’re an unelected bureaucrat, and you do not have the power to force 84 million people to take an experimental vaccine or show their papers. You tried to fire 84 million American workers, but do you believe the court was wrong?”

Rep. Miller went on to highlight Parker’s statements to Reuters lamenting the ruling, in which he appeared to claim OSHA would seek a workaround.

“So did you continue to threaten companies to impose a vaccine mandate even though the Supreme Court told you that you couldn’t?” Rep. Miller asked.

“We didn’t threaten anyone but there were companies that were looking forward to clarity from the government about these rules…We didn’t threaten anyone and we didn’t demand that anyone be fired,” Parker claimed.

The OSHA head was also grilled by Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-Calif.), who pointed out OSHA’s vaccine rule indeed would have led to unvaccinated employees being fired if they didn’t comply.

“Earlier today you testified that you didn’t demand that anyone be fired so in your contemplation, if a worker did not comply with the requirements of that vaccination, or test rule that you promulgated, what would have happened? What would have been the consequence for that employee?” Rep. Kiley asked.

Parker attempted to claim OSHA’s order to employers with 100 or more employees merely set guidelines to test unvaccinated employees weekly, but that it stopped short of recommending corrective measures, with Rep. Kiley going on to remind him “The Supreme Court noted that hundreds of thousands of people could have lost their jobs.”

Rep. Kiley went on to lay into the OSHA representative going on to ask if a memo has gone out telling officials to deny the existence of a mandate:

Mr. Parker, you’re one of a number now of officials in this Administration who has come before this committee and tried to tell us that 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal four.

Sitting in the chair that you’re in now, the Secretary of Education testified, gave false testimony to this committee, denying that he had promoted a student vaccine mandate when he had done precisely that.

Sitting in the chair that you’re in now, the Secretary of Health and Human Services made one of the most outlandish statements ever entered into the Congressional Record, which is saying quite a lot, when he said we never forced anyone to do anything in relation to the widely discredited policy of forcing young children as young as 2 years old to wear masks.

And now you come before us today, asked about one of the most sweeping abuses of power that we’ve seen, that was rebuked by the Supreme Court, and you tell us that we didn’t demand that anyone be fired.

So has there been some sort of memo going around? Why is the administration insistent on rewriting history?

“All you have to do is read that rule, and you will see that it is not a vaccine mandate,” Parker responded. “It gives employees the option of testing in lieu of a vaccine.”

“And if they didn’t do that, then what would happen to them?” Kiley asked.

“They would be out of compliance with the requirement, and our role then would be to cite the employer,” Parker admitted.

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