The Elite Are Evacuating Saudi Arabia

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Why are the elite silently evacuating Saudi Arabia?

An anonymous source who works for a wealthy Saudi Arabian family has revealed that the elite in Saudi Arabia are all evacuating the country en masse amid fears that a war is imminent in the region. 

According to a user on

I have a Filipino sister-in-law who is a nurse and doing a stint in Saudi Arabia. Private nurse for a wealthy Saudi family.

We lost contact with her last Thursday… did not call, would not answer phone, did not post any updates on face book. She had a smart phone and access to computers where she was living.

Another Filipino returning from Saudi Arabia delivered a message to SIL’s husband last night (USA time). SILs phone was confiscated by family so she could not tell anyone what was going on. Family she worked for is leaving — or has possibly left — the country because they believe a war is immanent. No offer to help SIL, she is on her own.

The Filipino who returned — the family she was staying with has already left for the same reason. They left this lady too — but the Philippines embassy arranged for her to get back to the Philippines.

Still no contact with SIL… but we believe she is also trying to get back to Philippines.

The lady who delivered the message said that the Saudi government was behind the restricted communications of foreign workers and have been threatening death to anyone who is caught communicating with their families — possibly because they want to keep a lid on the exodus as that would indicate that the Saudi’s plan on going to war?

That is all I know as of now…

The person also says that other Filipinos have returned home from Saudi Arabia unexpectedly due to rumors of an impending war. 

The Philippines embassy in Saudi Arabia also issued a statement today advising the Filipino community to “remain calm”:

Statement on Overall Current Situation in Saudi Arabia

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh advises the Filipino community to remain calm.

There is currently no reason to be concerned about the safety and security of Filipinos in Saudi Arabia.

The Embassy shall provide regular updates on the situation in Saudi Arabia as the need arises.


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