ABC Journalist FURIOUS After Biden Rules Out World War III: “We WANT War Mr President”

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ABC journalist furious after Biden rules out World War 3

An ABC News reporter was left visibly enraged after President Joe Biden ruled out World War 3 during a NATO press briefing on Thursday.

“Sir, you’ve made it very clear in this conflict that you did not want to see World War 3,” MSNBC’s Cecilia Vega said. “But is it possible that in expressing that so early that you were too quick to rule out direct military intervention in this war? Could Putin have been emboldened, knowing that you were not going to get involved directly in this conflict?”

“No and no,” Biden fired back. reports: “America is going to get nagged into the next world war,” joked Chris Menahan.

Indeed, the legacy media is seemingly disappointed that the conflict hasn’t escalated, with some signs that viewers are starting to get bored of the war itself and are more concerned about the domestic impact on inflation, food and gasoline prices.

This is by no means the first time journalists have lobbied for nuclear armageddon.

As the video below highlights, they’ve been doing it for weeks, specifically demanding that a no fly zone, which will almost certainly lead to global war, be imposed over Ukraine.

Journalists would be perfectly happy for half the planet to be a radioactive ash heap, so long as it meant more clicks, viewers and social media dopamine.

On the flip side, when Americans are told about what a no fly zone and more military support to Ukraine will entail, they become significantly more reticent to support it.

While 78 per cent of respondents in a Fox News poll expressed support for America to provide Ukraine with “substantial military aid” in the form of military equipment, that figure shrinks to just 36 per cent if it risks war with Russia.

In addition, 80 per cent of Americans support further economic sanctions against Russia, but this number drops to just 44 per cent when respondents include the proviso that this will lead to “higher prices and financial hardship for Americans.”

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