Oregon Militia Leader Arrested By FBI After Shootout

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Oregon militia leader apprehended by FBI after shootout

The FBI have confirmed that they have apprehended the leader of the Oregon militia, Ammon Bundy, following a shootout between officers and several of Bundy’s followers. 

The shootout and subsequent arrest occurred after Oregon State Police and FBI agents conducted a traffic stop of Bundy and his followers who were en route to a community meeting.

Businessinsider.com reports:

Five of Bundy’s associates were also arrested. One was killed during the arrest. It is not yet been released who that is.

Two sources have told The Oregonian that Oregon standoff spokesman Robert LaVoy Finiciumwas killed.

According to the statement, the FBI and Oregon State Police arrested Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Brian Cavalier, and Shawna J. Cox in addition to Ammon Bundy. All were charged with conspiracy to impede federal officers. The charge is a federal felony.

According to The Oregonian, Ryan Bundy suffered a minor gunshot wound during the arrest.

Here’s Bundy’s description of the shooting, via The Oregonian:

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said that Ammon Bundy called his wife, Lisa Bundy, from the back of a police car on Tuesday night.

Fiore, a vocal supporter of the Bundy family, said that Ammon Bundy told his wife that Finicum was cooperating with police and had put his hands up. Then, Fiore said, Bundy told his wife that he watched police shoot Finicum three times. She said that Ammon Bundy also said Finicum was on the ground when he was shot.

Another individual, Peter Santilli, an independent broadcaster who livestreamed events the occupation, was also arrested later.

Approximately 25 miles of Highway 395 in Oregon was closed in both directions, a spokesman for the state deparment of transportation told Reuters.

A hospital in nearby Burns is reportedly on lockdown.

Here’s the statement from the FBI:

According to The Oregonian, the occupiers still at the refuge have no plans to leave as of yet.

The standoff in Oregon began on January 2nd, when a group of self-styled “militia” led by Ammon Bundy took control of the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southern Oregon to protest the jail sentences of two men who set fire to federal land.

Ammon Bundy’s father, Cliven Bundy, made national headlines for a tense encounter with law enforcement in a similar dispute in 2014.

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