BREAKING: Independent Journalist Chris Spivey Forcibly Removed From Home and Arrested

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Independent journalist Chris Spivey has been arrested for a second time this year for writing articles challenging the mainstream media’s “official” story.  According to a post on his official website:  “Chris has been arrested again.

This is a quick message to you all to let you know Chris, within the last hour has been arrested. Reports from home say the police asked to come in but had no warrant so Chris refused, they then went about breaking in the front door and back windows to get to him, unfortunately they got him and have taken him away in handcuffs.

At this point this is all the information we have.

As we get more we will let you know, in the mean time hit Facebook, twitter, emails and blogs, let every one in the AM know that yet again another one of us has been kidnapped by the state.

This is not acceptable, get angry and make a noise.”

This is the second time Chris Spivey has been arrested this year.  According to an article in The Daily Mail dated July 31st, 2014:  “A blogger who claimed the murder of soldier Lee Rigby was a hoax aimed at stirring up anti-Islam hatred was arrested in a 2am raid yesterday.

Christopher Spivey, 51, a tattoo artist from Rochford, Essex, was arrested on suspicion of harassment via social media after police raided his home and took away computer equipment.
Mr Spivey claimed in internet articles that he spent hours researching footage of Mr Rigby’s killing and the aftermath to ‘prove’ that the British establishment had faked the murder to incite hatred towards Muslims.”

Another report from the same time period states:  “The inevitable has happened and Chris Spivey, the alternative media’s leading on-line journalist has been arrested for harassment.

Shying away from arresting him for libel or slander, Stephen Kavanagh the Chief Constable of Essex police force was forced to scrap the bottom of the barrel and come up with harassment as the means to an end.

While Chris will no doubt walk free due to the fact he was “preventing and detecting crime,” which is the exception to the rule of the Harassment Law, the incident will be viewed by ‘the powers that be’ as a job well done; having given themselves the opportunity to enter his home and look through his computer.”



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