Delta CEO Tells New Employees: ‘Get the Vaccine or Your Ass Is FIRED’

Fact checked
Delta CEO says all employees must be vaccinated

Delta now requires all new employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the airlines CEO declared in an interview on Thursday.

Ed Bastian told CNN’s “Quest Means Business,” that while old employees will be exempt, new employees will need to have recieved the shot in order to work for the airline.

“Any person joining Delta in the future, future employees, we’re going to mandate they be vaccinated before they can sign up with the company,” Bastian told host Richard Quest. reports: More than 60 percent of Delta workers already have at least one dose of the vaccine, Bastian said, adding he expects that 75 or 80 percent of staffers will eventually be fully vaccinated.

But “anyone already here, I don’t think that’s fair to force them to get vaccinated if there’s some kind of philosophical issue they have,” the top executive said.

“I’m not going to mandate and force people if they have some specific reason why they don’t want to get vaccinated,” Bastian said. “But I’m going to strongly encourage them and make sure they understand the risk to not getting vaccinated.”

Bastian also noted staffers who don’t have their shots likely won’t be able to fly an international flight, since local authorities may require the vaccine in order to enter the country.


  1. Delta equals death Its also 4 th letter and 4 usually means death ,but they spin that to mean ” transformation ” Yeah from breathing to not breathing Solid to liquid to gas.Anyway it’s against the Nuremberg rules Thats where they make gingerbread houses you know Nuremberg .

  2. This CEO better look at existing OSHA laws regarding forced VAX and side effects after getting the shot…… and just who is responsible for that.

  3. Executives are worthless overpaid figure heads who do very little for what they earb compared to the average worker.
    U.S. executives are particularly well paid.

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