Buzzfeed Faces Bankruptcy As Victims Sue For Printing “Russia Dossier”

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Buzzfeed is facing bankruptcy as victims sue them for printing the discredited Russia Dossier and former allies turn their back on the failing pile of garbage. 

Buzzfeed is facing bankruptcy as victims sue them for printing the discredited Russia Dossier and former allies turn their backs on the failing pile of garbage. 

Poor desperate Buzzfeed! Throughout the second half of 2016, we now know from the Senate memo, Buzzfeed was being briefed by British Ex-Spy Christopher Steele on the contents of his dodgy “Russia Dossier”.

And in January 2017, Buzzfeed did what no other media outlet was mad enough to do. They decided they wanted to pledge their loyalty to the Clinton campaign, believing Clinton could still be President, and PRINTED the Russia Dossier!

James Comey wishes to God they hadn’t. As soon as the dossier went public, it started to be torn to shreds as the fantasists con-job it was. Comey had just told Trump the Dossier was “credible and serious” – so when Buzzfeed printed it six months later, he had to admit, under oath, that it was “salacious and unverified”.

Now, February 2018, and Buzzfeed is feeling the heat as it faces disaster in court.

Buzzfeed is being SUED by Alexsej Gurabev, a Russian Businessman, and separately by Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer,  for what they claimed when they printed the Steele Dossier.

Buzzfeed appears to have committed libel by claiming Gurabev controlled computer servers it alleged were connected to the DNC hack, even though there has never been anything to back this up. They also alleged Michael Cohen met shadowy figures in Prague, even though Cohen has never been to the city!

Buzzfeed has tried to claim that since the Dossier was an important document, allegedly “verified” by official sources, it was in the public interest to print it. But as the months have ticked by, Buzzfeed have started to sweat, as zero evidence from any official sources have emerged.

The first sign Buzzfeed was getting worried came when they hired Anthony Ferrante, an expert ex-FBI investigator, to verify what they had printed in the Steele Dossier.

Well Anthony has being doing his best, but given that the dossier is filled with lies people told Steele in exchange for cash, and Steele admitted in British Court he put unsolicited and unverified rumours into the Dossier, it’s a bit of a tall order!

So Buzzfeed reasoned, it needed information from allies to save its hide from impending legal armageddon, and it subpoenaed the Democratic National Committee.

It didn’t ask for much:

“BuzzFeed says it only wants information on the “digital remnants left by the Russian state operatives” that hacked the DNC’s systems.

BuzzFeed also seeks a full version of a report compiled by CrowdStrike, a cyber security firm that the DNC hired to investigate the breach of its computer networks.”

Yes, Buzzfeed only thinks it can ask the DNC to meekly hand over the proof the DNC were hacked, proof even the FBI hasn’t seen, and the Crowdstrike report, which has never been made public, and that millions of American patriots would LOVE to see!

The DNC told them to get stuffed.

So now Buzzfeed, in its desperation to survive, is SUING the DNC to try to force them to release the information.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Buzzfeed has also been engaged in an equally futile action to get the CIA’s James Clapper, the FBI’s James Comey and officials at the DOJ to go on the public record stating what they knew and when they knew it, for anything, anything at all, that might confirm the contents of the Steele Dossier. As if Buzzfeed getting sued out of existence is going to force the release of classified documents from their cold dead fingers…

What Buzzfeed doesn’t, or won’t, recognise, is that the information it wants released is exactly the information supporters of Trump have wanted out in the open for a long time too. The actual proof of the whole fairytale of collusion. But it won’t be forthcoming for the simplest of reasons: it doesn’t exist! Buzzfeed is suing the organisation it formerly gushed praised over, and agencies of the US government, because it knows a long shot is its last chance.

Buzzfeed richly deserves its impending fate.

If Buzzfeed had reported on Seth Rich properly they might have known better… and they might have been smart enough not to print Steele’s rubbish in the first place.

From the Deep States point of view, Buzzfeed has done more harm than good… and has now become EXPENDABLE…

But this fubar could still deliver some shocks… such as Buzzfeed winning its case to get the information… and then the conspirators having to admit there IS nothing else!

This situation is worth keeping an eye on in the weeks ahead as it’s bound to get brutal when organs of the Deep State turn on each other!

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