UN Whistleblower: United Nations, Oxfam & Clinton Foundation Traffic Kids For Sex

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A whistleblower has gone on the record claiming that the UN, Oxfam, and The Clinton Foundation all traffic children and sell them for sex. 

A courageous whistleblower has gone on the record claiming that the United Nations, Oxfam, and The Clinton Foundation all traffic children and sell them for sex. 

According to former UN Chief Dr Andrew Macleod, major international aid agencies are responsible for the sex trafficking of children in many of the countries they operate in.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the former UN Chief provides graphic detail to prove that charities around the world, including the Clinton Foundation, are staffed by a disproportionately high number of pedophiles and are guilty of sex trafficking.

He claims that the UK’s National Criminal Intelligence Service warned the charities 20 years ago that organised pedophilia was becoming rife the developing world. The National Criminal Intelligence Service said that pedophiles were working for international charities in order to gain access to children. The nature of the industry (supposedly providing humanitarian assistance) also provided the pedophiles with cover.

But according to MacLeod, these warnings were ignored, perhaps because by then it was already too late…

MacLeod’s words excoriate the aid industry: Those who deny it are either lying through their teeth, or have their heads buried so far in the sand that their ignorance is deliberate.”

He further claims this problem has been “common knowledge in aid circles for almost 30 years“.

When working for the Red Cross in Yugoslavia, 1996, MacLeod heard of a nightclub “Florida 2000” in the Bosnian city of Zenica, where prostitutes were working from the age of 14.

These girls had been trafficked by the UN for their own personal pleasure, from the next-door nation of Moldova.

MacLeod was a witness as UN official Kathryn Bolkovac tried to expose this at the time. She was first demoted, and then fired. A campaign was launched to shut her up and destroy her credibility. In 2010 her story was turned into a film, “Whistleblower”, starring Rachel Weisz.

Aid workers typically earn £30,000 a year, but they work in countries where the annual earnings can be as little as £300. This gives them enormous relative wealth, enabling them to live like kings, with the typical perverted taste of royalty.

Pedohpiles gain tremendous influence working for powerful international organisations, like the UN or Oxfam, and the perfect platform to orchestrate the abuse and exploitation of human beings, in particular the most vulnerable in society – children.

MacLeod has clearly been spurred into action by the revelations of Oxfam aid workers hiring child prostitutes in Haiti back in 2011.

The Daily Mail has been investigating and uncovered the palatial apartment the Oxfam workers were living in while whooping it up with “Caligula Orgies.”

Oxfam did investigate back in 2011, but made no mention of sexual abuse, only making the assurance that irregularities “weren’t financial”.

They sent an expert investigator into Haiti to find out what had gone on, but when they didn’t like what he uncovered, they ended up prosecuting the investigator for fraud! Is this the same pattern as Yugoslavia and Kathryn Bolkovac – destroy the investigator to protect the crimes?

Seven years later, Oxfam’s cover-up is falling apart.

Actress Minnie Driver has severed connections with Oxfam and quit her “ambassador” role for the charity.

Meanwhile, Oxfam’s International Chairman was arrested for fraud in Guatemala a few days ago.

With these dire truths being revealed to the public, the same public whose donations are essential to the survival of the international aid companies, things are suddenly looking very dicey.

Clinton Foundation abuses in Haiti are well known. Oxfam took a very snooty high road to distance themselves from the Clinton Foundation when its grotesque fraud of the Haitians was internationally exposed. In Oct 2016, Breitbart reported on a Clinton foundation insider describing “how Oxfam screwed us”.

But the truth is Oxfam has been no better.

Now another major charity is dragged into this scandal. International Rescue Committee (IRC), headed by UK ex-politician David Miliband, has had its funding STOPPED by the UK state because it couldn’t get a grip on these problems. But, the British people were not told, until a damning report got leaked.

Is Donald Trump behind this? Trump’s Executive order targeting “Human Traffickers and Corrupt Individuals”, signed 21st December 2017, suggests he could be.

Indeed, just before that damning report leaked, IRC, and David Miliband, were screaming their lungs off that the Trump Administration had just cut their funding!

With the global campaign for #pedogate continuing apace, it hard not to consider that these corrupt charities have got away with the most serious crimes for far, far too long. According to insiders like MacLeod, there are many more disturbing revelations to come.

With disturbing crimes like these taking place around the world, and the lives of children being destroyed by those in power, we need more brave voices on the inside to come forward and tell us their truth. Your News Wire salutes the courage of Anthony MacLeod.

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White


  1. Thanks for beating the drum John. We are closing in on the pedocreeps so watch your back- we’ve witnessed how the Clintons take care of people that disagree or disrupt their wicked world.

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  2. Yes it and manyother equally horrific and disgusting despicable filthy truths about the goody goody gum drops two shoes pearl necklace brigade have been common knowledge for decades.Centuries actually,to be honest.

  3. “The Daily Mail has been investigating” modern news papers mostly DO NOT investigate. But they may choose to publish independent investigators or whistleblowers materials. Or to just expose them to the people they exposing.

  4. Use your thinker upper….Our FBI Breaks Laws, Protects Pedogate Pedophiles, Covers Up Crimes, Employs Hardened Criminals, Bears False Witness, Provides False Testimony, Plants Fabricated Evidence, Enables Corrupt Politicians, Facilitates Domestic Coups, etc.—Why do we need another crime syndicate to police?!

  5. When oh when will the name CLOONEY start showing up? He works with Oxfam through his Not On Our Watch program and he and Amal are the public faces of the UN refugee program through the IRC. His Enough Project is chaired by Podesta & houses under Soros’s CAP. He hosted the “Hope for Haiti” telethon. This is why Clooney declares a President Trump “wasn’t gonna happen”. The fix was in. He knew it. He was never going to get caught because she wasn’t supposed to Lowe’s.

  6. I love my President Trump! Taking one Pedo Racket Down at a Time! Soon We will Save All Our Children from those Filthy Monsters!

  7. ” According to insiders like MacLeod, there are many more disturbing revelations to come.”

    Party’s just gettin’ started…Stay tuned…

  8. Sorry too busy distracting the crowds by trying to take their guns away and so they dont have time to notice how these events all tie up. Connect the dots with everything going on.

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