Australian Senator: ‘Why Hasn’t WEF Penetration of Cabinets Triggered National Security Alerts?’

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Klaus Schwab’s admission that the World Economic Forum has penetrated cabinets in democratic governments around the world should have triggered national security alerts, warns Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts.

Senator Roberts delivered a powerful speech in the Australian Senate this week demanding to know why Klaus Schwab and his WEF technocrats are allowed to operate as a shadow government with impunity, eroding the sovereignty of nations.

“In a previous speech I called for Australia to reject the Great Reset and instead mount a Great Resist,” said Roberts. “These were not idle words. Video is circulating online of World Economic Forum crook and mastermind Klaus Schwab bragging about penetrating the cabinets of Western democracies with his Young Global Leaders.”

“Some Klaus Schwab disciples are in this Senate and one is in the Cabinet. How this has not triggered a National Security Alert is beyond One Nation,” said Roberts, referring to his political party.

“We certainly would be taking a much closer look given the coordination in the policies being enacted by WEF disciples like Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau.”

Roberts declared the “Great Resist” should be against “exposing children to adult sexual content in libraries, school textbooks” and on children’s programs on TV as well as “the dehumanization of women through genderless language that erases the very concept of being a mother. We will not allow the family to be undermined.”

“The war on farming that seeks to destroy family farms and shift food production to corporate-owned, urban, intensive factories producing chemically-driven food-like substances for everyday people to eat while the elite gorge themselves on red meat and seafood – something they did again at Cop27 in Egypt. Indulging in luxury while spreading poverty.”
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