Vaccine Causes Polio Outbreak In Syria

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Polio outbreak in syria caused by oral polio vaccine

The World Health Organization has confirmed that a polio outbreak has hit Syria as a result of an oral polio vaccination program. 

This is the first re-emergence of the virus in Syria since 2014, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

According to Michel Zaffran, head of the WHO’s polio program, the Syrian government have made a formal request for new emergency vaccines in order to treat around 200,000 children in the region.

The new cases of polio are vaccine-derived polioviruses – viruses from the oral polio vaccine used in some developing countries. reports:

WHO’s Communications Officer, Oliver Rosenbauer stated that vaccinating even 50 percent of the estimated 90,000 children under the age of five in Deir al-Zor would probably not be enough to stop the outbreak. To have maximum effect and protect the population, immunization rates should be closer to 80 percent.

“Are we concerned that we’re in fact going to be seeding further future polio vaccine-derived outbreaks? … Absolutely, that is a concern. And that is why this vaccine must be used judiciously and to try to ensure the highest level of coverage,” Rosenbauer said.

Polio is a highly infectious virus that affects mainly young children. The virus is transmitted person-to-person and mainly through a fecal-oral route or through contaminated water or food.

Polio can paralyze a child within hours of exposure.

Syria is one of the last remaining countries where polio causes a health risk. Until now, the virus remains endemic in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


  1. Thats what vaccines are good far, starting outbreaks of what it was supposed to stop. That and murdering some of the children, disabling others for life, many with damaged immune systems, heavy metal poisoning from the mercury and Aluminum.

    Oh, it also makes millions for the pedophilic elite who own and run the big Pharma anti-human corporations by bribing governments to force these death brews on children.

    • And may I add, the Menlinda Gates, not for profit corporation is a part of the eugenics project. Gates is doing his population control in Africa, and has been banned in other countries. This is all while profiting handsomely from the sales of drugs which have been donated from big pharma.

    • The polio vaccine and sv40 (a cancer causing simian virsus) from, if memory serves, rhesus monkeys who were first tested and infected at another lab, and then transferred polio vaccine creation, and inevitable extraction. There have been over the years, doctors coming forward, public and official inquireies have been conducted. Corporate involvement. Financial involvement that some believe they can explain links to the rockefellers, who are said to be linked to he fabian society, who some believe they can demonstrate as links to faciliting meetings of bolsheviks conspirisists to a zionist church in london. Who some believe they can explain connect familially to rothschilds. Who definately do link to high degree/level freemasons (b’nai b’rith, also, freemasonary is present in all religions), the knights of malta (who are a catholic church organisation, many records show jesuit educated, other records as to where jesuit comes from and that isn’t always a nice pc history), also infamously a jewish family, which many consider and recognise as ‘over represented’, at all levels, which many might consider also for the other groups previously mentioned, that or curiously placed in power, to act at that ‘historic moment’, noting our last group where many of these moments take place, is the stage where all the public become the audience, which usually was and is the government, indebted to a central bank, with not to mention the creation of political parties and the idea of representational democracy (or the concentration of political power into the hands of the few, and then eventually not just a few, but a political class as a subdivide from a ‘privileged class’ which is a less historic notion. Historic moments, a turn in a developing tyranny. Some even believe they can show some historic plagues have had a certain amount of engineering when start using non-pc, that disease/plague/pox/’bad airs’ (miasma, cholera, coughing, etc) could spread between people who had no previous contact, and this at least since it is noted as china using cow pox vaccination by mid 1500s, wide spread, implying that it had been going for an unknown period by smaller groups, presumably at its most early, by cow herders and milk maids, but unaware of it.

      On looking at many of these things, a person may note, that there are times where a closer inspection reveals many of these groups seem to be operating in the same places at the same times, toward common goals. Such what many may now call the armenian genocide. Even the league of nations to the transition to the UN (who also all let the pope speak to them, you ever see pagan high priests in there, zen or whatever else?). The creation of the EU. Eugenics groups, of which there have been a surprising number, where some of their members have had some curious things to say, particularly where they may be Rockefellers, Rotheschilds, who exist in places, in their greatest splender such as “the (roman) square mile of london” or “the corporation of london”, and looking up the documentry ‘secretcity-thefilm’ with out whose debt obligations for things as massive as national debt, or bigger debts like the Bank of International Settlements of the UN deals with, or what can be termed a ‘controlling interest’ (seeing as calling a debt that can’t be paid in results in ownership by the bank, bear in mind that national debt is debt secured on future tax payers by the government, which is where income tax comes from), may not have things such as the banks there being allowed to cast votes in national politics and their own minister in parliament to help steer things along. Who ultimately along with the NGO groups they help fund to create, such as feminism, diversity, and such steer government and every institution of civil service to corporations, to little businesses, from the top down to local primary schools and ‘social engineer’ the society they want, to the global politics they want.

      One might say the bankers who control the finances, the capitalism (eptymology could be argued as ‘head count ism’, capi as in decapitate, tali as a contraction of ‘tally’ to count, it is worth noting that what ever the arguments about capitalism, it is functionally dependant on central banking to exist, which is functionally responsible for national debt and massive and now world scaled depressions and thus also other knock on effects like famines, centralisation of possession (via fiat currency or ideological and political obligation), ownership and the promise of ‘equitable/fair distribution’ (via capitalist work ethic, or state/leader/oligarchal/revolutionary controlled equitable distribution)) of the world, those organisations, as they also lead the other organisations used to steer things, from the top down. But they are also knights, and knights kneel. Others also kneel. Prince Harry is a Knight of Malta too. But that isn’t quite what many Catholics now say that the highest office above the ‘catholic organisation of the knights of malta’ that their catholic pope today appears to be quite as christian as they think he should be, or some of these groups members. Who also happen, in Prince Harrys case be linked by family (as is curiously regular, links to) eugenics, in the form of prince phillip (I think it was him?) who is on record saying he wants to be ‘reincarnated as a virus to wipe out humanity’. Which was seemingly been tried with the polio vaccine and sv40, and the questionable history of many cases of new supposedly intersperses diseases that have been relatively new since the 1960s. Previously cow pox saved lives, as the first inoculations were cross species.

      Funny how it all comes round back to the vaccines. or.. Mmmm, a curious repetition of the same groups, taking the same roles, and rarely turning out the victim of it. The victim, or sacrificial offering. Ever noticed that about the roots of some words? Strange concept that, as ‘heads that are counted’ (in a capitalist society), we become ‘sacrificial victims’ of crimes if we are mugged, raped, murdered, stolen from. Damn I’m rambling. Or the point that even the word vaccine carries a history that shows that cross species diseases were how we inoculated ourselves against small pox, with cow pox, because vaccine links to vaccinus (latin) pertaining to a cow.
      Funny how it all comes back to the vaccines, man. *tokes*

  2. Maybe next time Syria will know not to accept any vaccines. Tell the WASPs to shove them up their pale, weak pink butts and keep them there.

    Vulnerable to disease? Ask your government to ban wheat and sugar and subsidize supplements for colloidal minerals, EFAs and vitamins.

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