Hollywood Celebs Celebrate Giuliani Getting COVID: “I Pray He Dies”

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Sick Hollywood celebs celebrate Rudy Giuliani's COVID diagnoses

Hollywood celebrities were celebrating Rudy Giuliani’s COVID diagnosis on Monday, with some openly praying that Trump’s lawyer dies.

Just as they did when POTUS himself was diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus two months ago, a slew of vile leftist celebrities took to Twitter to express their unadulterated joy at Giuliani’s diagnosis.

Here is a selection of the vile tweets:



  1. Back in tbe 60s and 70s people with millions could get really strong powerful pure drugs. Many never really came down again .They dont even know it .You know the young ones from the 90s especially in Australia where drugs and most rubbish is higher priced than anywhere else in earth have no idea how badly their dealers are totally ripping them off blind Selling them what would have cost 20 bucks in the 70 s for hundreds today Actually thousands today .Bette clearly used a lot of speed back in the say of touring and live performing.

  2. Bette Midler should never ever be allowed outside without a full face mask, preferably an iron mask to cover her horrid cretin mug.

  3. Had these hollyweirds ever read history they would know that they will be among the first to get a bullet to the back of the head from their communist masters after the takeover. Communism doesn’t like competition.

  4. Hollywood Jews, Militant Queers, and Feminist pray to a lying pig god, which is why a honest person should never buy their products.

    • Hollywood was traditionally republican and strongly Catholic The Roman’s have always employed the Jews especially as their bankers. Always .It became democratic throughout the 1960s when democrats were different to today ..They set up scapegoats promoted by the neo nazi Catholics who oppose communism Judaism homosexuals .Because small minorities are the least able to defend themselves against msm control Rhey divide their enemies ,they create division everywhere they can whilst they co ordinate their elitist attack upon humanity freedom democracy and especially if all christianity .” Always the same ,always the opposite ” That’s them.

    • Theyve never listened to Dr Judy Mikovitz or read Plague of Corruprion exposing Fauci as a criminal or watched the video plandemic Theyve become msm trolls and sheep Like the naziswished for the death of the jews .Just like them The same ” conformidts”

  5. Where’s that big earthquake when you need it?!!

    It’s not just Rudy. Their actions of the last 4 years against half of America, their potential audience, should show that they hate you too!!

    Take the pledge:

    No more movies.
    No more network TV.
    No more “entertainment” pubs.
    Remember, they just use every dime against you, your family, faith and traditions!

  6. These Celebrities seem totally inhuman. I mean even i want to see Hilary, Bush, Bill, Obama, etc suffer for what they have done but what has Giuliani done to self-entitled, egotistical Celebrities to warrant these kinds of responses?

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