Supreme Court Votes to END Roe v Wade – Liberals Outraged

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Liberals meltdown after Supreme Court votes to end Roe vs Wade

The US Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v Wade in a draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito, according to leaked documents.

The draft opinion was leaked to the press – which immediately sparked a furious backlash by liberals.

The Daily Mail reports: The opinion draft – originally obtained by Politico – was written by Justice Samuel Alito, one of the six justices appointed by Republican presidents on the nine-member court, repudiating both Roe and the 1992 Planned Parenthood vs. Casey decision.

‘Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,’ Alito writes. ‘We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,’ he continues in the document, titled ‘Opinion of the Court.’

‘It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.’

Politico noted that this is the first such case in modern history of a Supreme Court draft decision being leaked to the public while the case was still pending.


  1. About time rhe Catholics did their duty to the Pope a. D about time the Pope banned aborted baby vaccines being I jecred into anyone and did his duty to God.

  2. Leaking a ‘trial balloon’. Will just cause more division and controversy. Personally, I think open-ended abortion for all and late term (early birth) abortion is wrong. Some responsibility is accrued by deciding to become pregnant (and father a child). On the other hand outlawing any and all abortion is also wrong. As neither camp desires compromise there will be no solution.

    • It should have always been state’s rights, that’s what our Constitution says – as in “all other issues shall be determined by the states.” Also, I’m against abortion mills such as Planned Parenthood, I don’t like what they do with the fetuses, etc.

        • Thank you Tex! I’m in Mississippi, neighbor. Looks to me like we’re trying to bring back state’s rights, look at what Ron DeSantis is doing, he’s signing bills that are based on state’s rights. Seeing as how Civil War was also about State’s rights issues, maybe the Confederacy wins this time and we bring back state’s rights?

        • Aren’t you just. Convenient . Your so obvious Both of you a.nd disqus with its deceits and manipulations.

      • Scientists want them That’s why they legalised it That’s why here in Australia now 5 out of 6 states have just legalised abortions right up till 9 months. To make up for what they know is happening there So they can ship carcasses if infants to your scientists right up to 9 months old. And even till 2 mo this after birth. They can be “aborted”. For science They’re doing it thee because Bidens only the 2 nd ever Catholic president, so it’s for the history books. To deceive.

        • Not all scientists are in on it, by far. My husband is a scientist and very much against it. Any ETHICAL scientist is against it, problem is Fauci has been weeding out the good scientist for 40 yrs so only the compromised ones and ones who are afraid are in the field any more, very few good ones left. It’s the deep state cabal demanding this kind of thing and forcing it on the public.

    • It is a battle for the heart. If people would walk with God, abortion would never be an issue. But people get drunk and have out of marriage sex and get pregnant when they don’t want to. If people would respect God’s laws, they would not have these issues. This law really won’t help, a nation wide revival needs to happen.
      Example, making pot smoking illegal, didn’t stop people from smoking pot. Tough gun laws didn’t stop criminals from shooting people. making abortions illegal, unfortunately wont stop abortions. I can’t think of anything grosser than getting an abortion. But the answer is to spread the holy spirit as best as we can.
      It is not the law against murder that keeps me from murdering people, it is my fear of God that keeps me from it, and my lack of desire to do so.

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