Anti-Trump NBC News Anchor Busted in Pedophile Sting

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NBC news anchor busted in pedophile sting

An anti-Trump NBC news anchor was busted in a pedophile sting last week by a group of Predator Hunters who captured the incident on camera.

NBC affiliate WETM-TV anchor Zach Wheeler had agreed to meet up with what he thought was a fifteen-year-old boy for sex.

The teen turned out to be a decoy used by the pedophile hunting group to lure child rapists who agree to meet in public. reports: Wheeler initially denied he sought to have sex with the decoy teenage boy, instead suggesting he wanted to convince him to stay off gay dating apps.

The anchor also claimed at one point the group targets the gay community, but one of the group members said they go after predators on both gay and straight dating apps.

The group members read the chat logs back to the news anchor showing he supposedly wanted to “cuddle” with the teen and asked if they were interested in chubby men.

The local news reporter was said to have asked the teen decoy how many people he’s slept with, if he likes “getting head” and if he’d send sexy pictures.

After asking the guys confronting him if they wanted money, as if he were being blackmailed, Wheeler suggested he could help them “find more predators” and even get their videos broadcast on local news.

When they informed him they were going to give the video of him being exposed to a local outlet, the anchor was visibly distraught.

Wheeler blamed “cancel culture” for coming after people like him after he realized he was screwed and admitted he “was stupid.”

A message posted to Facebook on Monday revealed Wheeler’s employer let him go after management investigated questions raised by the video.

The predator hunters posted to Facebook on Monday announcing they handed information regarding the encounter over to the state police.

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