Woman Drops Dead at Pharmacy Minutes After Getting COVID Jab

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Woman drops dead at pharmacy minutes after getting COVID booster

A Canadian woman who dropped dead within minutes of receiving a COVID-19 booster jab was extremely healthy prior to her visit, according to her daughter.

Carol Pearce was in a text exchange with her daughter, Stephanie Foster, when she visited a Shoppers Drug Mart in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Sept. 14.

“My mom text me right after she got the shot to let me know she was waiting the 15 min and I text her back,” Foster said on Facebook.

Wnd.com reports: Meanwhile, Canada is lifting its requirement that anyone entering the country must be “fully vaccinated,” the Toronto Star reported. The paper said the move came after Canadians were preparing to take part in mass civil disobedience on Oct. 1.

A national survey in the United States by Zogby Strategies found 17% of adults who received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine say they were diagnosed with a new condition within weeks to several months after getting the shot. The figure was 15% for those who had received at least one shot.

On Sept. 4, a fully vaccinated and boosted 24-year-old Canadian TV reporter, Matthew Rodrigopulle, died unexpectedly at his home of a heart problem.

See Stephanie Foster’s Facebook posts:

Foster said she was told by a doctor that her mother was “dead before she hit the floor.”

“My beautiful Mother’s life was taken yesterday by the COVID BOOSTER SHOT … She was happy and perfectly healthy,” said Foster.

“Spent yesterday morning visiting me at my house up until her appointment time. She left for her appointment happy and energetic! She had no medical issues at all!!”

A video was later posted on Twitter of a woman with the account Heart4Truth Twitter inquiring at the pharmacy about getting a COVID-19 shot and asking if anyone had suffered any side effects.

The employee said some people experience soreness at the site of the shot and others get a fever.

The woman pressed further, saying someone had died at the pharmacy after getting the shot. The employee didn’t deny her claim but said that due to privacy laws, she couldn’t say anything about the incident.

Heart4Truth alleged a friend “witnessed” Pearce’s death.

See the video:

The Western Standard reported a candidate for office in Saskatoon, Mark Friesen, posted a video on social media calling for the “experimental mRNA” boosters to be “immediately stopped.”


  1. Doctors are baffled by this, once again. what could be happening?!!!! There are no coroners available to find out why. Oh well.

  2. Why do they have to make an appointment? Why should they not be able to just walk in and ask for a jab? Do they need to personalise each one? Why? Anyone should understand.

  3. I know of many others who’ve also had animals die right after being vaxxed. NO vaccine has ever been proven safe; there are NO studies proving vaccine safety; proven in court by RFK, Jr. Plz learn the truth/facts & don’t believe the deception/lies.

  4. Isn’t it phenomenal? Who here can say that they not only have seen this coming years ago, but also sees what is coming a few years down the road. Not only what is coming, but what is already here? What is already here? Well, yes. Do you not understand how easy it is, with the way that they’ve extorted and bamboozled most of the country over the last nearly three years, that they could have many more goings on right behind the curtain? You’ve now got an armed and politically polarlized IRS that is part of a basically “Covid Government” system that wears the Federal Government like a mask and a pair of latex gloves. This systematic aggression would also take care to have monopolistic control in the private and corporate sectors in all areas of media so as to promote their operation and suppress any counter movement. They basically “cut off” their enemies communication system. They did this all the while building it, of course. Indeed, they’ve weaponized the information flow against the people, siphoning and phishing from them while tracking and spying on them. They wish to coordinate this with others around the world, and do so visibly and ostentatiously. Even ridiculously. They all tie in with the Zelenskyite regime and Israel, to the hip you might say. The Crown is clearly in on it, and the Vatican has never had any form of respectable authority outside of extortion and fraud, and is totally in league with it also. There are so many vectors of information that are visible through the fog of war that clearly point to the culminatoin of a Great Purge, and even when death is in front of a pharmacist (and who exactly are these pharmacists, nurses, admin personnel etc. at these injection sites?), they won’t talk about it. What a horrible late time to wake up. Oh, and all this is at their pace, on their schedule, and even by appointment. Perhaps later it will be at gunpoint? I could go on, but you get the point. You either do get the point, or you will get “the point”.

  5. The dropping of dead people hasn’t even started yet. It takes 3 to 5 years for most for the rmna to reprogram your DNA and destroy your immune system.
    The next two years you will be seeing much more deaths for no reason but the kill shot.

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