Gates & Soros Team Up To Prevent Musk Buying Twitter: ‘Free Speech Threatens the New World Order’

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Soros and Gates vow to stop Musk from buying Twitter

Far-left billionaire’s Bill Gates and George Soros have teamed up to stop Elon Musk from acquiring Twitter and have warned that ‘free speech threatens the New World Order.’

Musk’s recent announcement that he would eradicate censorship from the platform doesn’t sit well with the global elites. Major brands have insisted that their advertising budgets on Twitter will only continue if Musk strictly enforces “hate speech” and “fake news” guidelines which favor the far-left.

According to reports, Bill Gates, George Soros, Bill Clinton, Obama officials and the EU government were behind the NGOs and their letter threatening an advertising boycott on Twitter.

A group of 26 far-left anti-First Amendment organizations and NGOs signed a letter to warn large companies against Musk. They wrote: “Twitter risks becoming a cesspool of misinformation, with your brand attached.” reports: Vaccination pope and Windows founder Bill Gates also considered it appropriate to warn corporations against his billionaire colleague Musk. Restoring freedom of expression is apparently not something that Gates would like to see at all.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Gates warned that Musk could “increase the spread of misinformation” in the future if he failed to adequately control comments on the social media platform. “He could actually make it worse,” Gates said. One should “never underestimate Elon”.

Then he became more precise: “What is his goal? When he speaks of ‘openness’, what does he think of something that says vaccines kill people or Bill Gates persecutes people? Is that one of the things he thinks should be spread? So it’s not entirely clear what he’s going to do.”

Gates specifically criticized governments and companies that had so far failed to completely “suppress” all those “false” comments in connection with the Covid-19 “pandemic” on social media. “If you don’t have trusted leaders to speak out on vaccines, it’s pretty hard for platforms to work against,” he said. “So I think we have a leadership issue and a platform issue.”

Why is Gates so worried?

The globalist recently unveiled GERM, a medical agency for “disease experts” who will work with the World Health Organization to “prevent pandemics”.

GERM, the Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization team will be focused on governments and pharmaceutical companies working together to “fuse factories all over the world to get unprecedented scale of diagnostics and vaccines very quickly,” Gates explained, ignoring the terrible economic fall-out and ineffectiveness of Covid jabs that have failed to stop transmission or prevent illness. Instead the shots are now associated with some serious side-effects.

“And we’ll have policy experts making sure that every country has the right approach,” Gates said. “This team would keep their skills fresh, helping get rid of polio, get rid of malaria, get rid of measles and other infectious diseases,” he added. Sadly, the polio outbreak in India is in fact blamed on Gates’ polio vaccines.

European MP blasts Gates-controlled WHO

Christine Anderson has meanwhile warned that the World Health Organization (WHO), now largely funded by Gates, was attempting to “seize governmental power” by means of a so-called pandemic treaty. “A democratically non-legitimized body, into which the richest of the super-rich buy their way through donations, is to decide in the future whether a pandemic situation exists, in order to then directly take over governmental power.” According to Anderson, this treaty was a new clandestine attack by the “false elites on our freedom and self-determination”.

An intergovernmental task force is currently working on modalities for the revision of the treaties between the WHO and the member states, but in fact, the central treaty assures that the WHO is being given de facto governing power over its member states in the event of a pandemic, without involvement or consultation with national governments or national parliaments.

Perhaps Gates would not like to see an open discussion on this power grab on social media. In response, Musk tweeted: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” suggesting that elite groups associated with the Democratic party were operating in the dark, and do not welcome scrutiny.

Biden responds with the creation of the DGB

When Musk reached an agreement with Twitter last week to buy the company, as well as set himself the goal of restoring freedom of expression on the platform, he evidently sparked real fears among the politically correct that Twitter would stop censoring what the mainstream calls “misinformation.” President Joe Biden’s administration announced plans to create a Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) just two days after Twitter directors accepted Musk’s offer.

Musk himself, meanwhile, maintains that “free speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy.” The Wall Street Journal interview came a day after Gates told NBC News that maybe there should be laws “that strike a better balance between free speech and conspiracy theories that confuse people”.

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