President Trump: Biden Has Dementia and Nobody’s Talking About It

Fact checked
President Trump asks why nobody is taking about Biden's obvious dementia

Former President Donald Trump has slammed the mainstream media for ignoring President Joe Biden’s “obvious” dementia-ridden behavior.

On Sunday, Trump published a video on his social media app Truth Social to call out Biden’s obvious cognitive decline on the world stage.

The video slams Biden for being “weak, unprepared, incapable and unstable,” as footage shows Biden stumbling while walking up the Air Force One stairs, holding his hands up awkwardly during a debate, and forgetting how to speak. reports: The video is one of Trump’s first posts on the platform he launched in February.

The political attack ad also suggests Trump is gearing up for a re-match in 2024 against his old presidential foe, which confidants Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone have said is likely to happen.


  1. Everyone’s talking about it except Nazi Nancy who if it were Trump would be screaming for nazi doctors to have him involuntary committed. I still think he’s crack wacked really. He’s too old to do crack and think he can bounce back

  2. Is it dementia? Or has he been “enhanced”, like Obama and Trump, with chips in their brains? So they can better serve satan. I’m guessing it doesn’t work the same in everyone’s brain. Look at cackling Kamala, she is definitely brain dead. Did Putin have cancer? Or did he get “enhanced”. Just like their poisonous injections have individual horrible effects, and to some none at all, the brain chips of Dr elon Mengele musk will have varied outcomes. Many will actually die from it. But they will all end up in the same place, eternal Hell. The same place his “one way trips the mars” will take people who are fool enough to trust that con artist trickster of the NWO.

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