US President Joe Biden Says He’s Proud To Be A ‘Black Woman’

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Biden says he's the first black woman to serve with a black president

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has openly admitted that he “screwed up” during his debate with Republican rival Donald Trump, but said he would “get back up” while rejecting any idea of dropping out of the presidential race.

“I had a bad night…. And the fact of the matter is that, you know, I screwed up,” Biden said, after his aides spent a week offering excuses including a work overload, a minor cold and even jet lag, prior to the dissterous debate.

So what are the excuses for his latest interview?

RT reports: During a separate interview with Philadelphia’s WURD, the gaffe-prone US leader struggled to find the right phrase while apparently trying to refer to Vice President Kamala Harris and recall his time in Barack Obama’s administration.

By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, first black woman… to serve with a black president. Proud to be involved of the first black woman on the Supreme Court. There’s so much that we can do because… look, we’re the United States of America,” Biden said.

The US president also delivered a four-minute speech at the White House, focusing his remarks on his visit last month to Normandy, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, but seemingly veered off script and lost his train of thought several times, and at one point even called his rival Trump a “colleague.”

“And by the way, you know I was in that WWI cemetery in France, and…. the one that one of our colleagues, the former president, did not wanna go and be up there… I shouldn’t probably have said it anyway,” Biden said before abruptly cutting the story short, and continuing his prepared remarks.

In another clip scrutinized and mocked by critics, Biden greeted the crowd with a lively “Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Independence Day!”, after Harris almost mistakenly introduced him as the vice president.

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