Big Pharma Making Huge Profits From Transgender Epidemic Caused by Their Vaccines

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Big Pharma reaping massive profits from trans community they helped create via vaccines.

Big Pharma companies are making huge profits from the transgender epidemic caused by the vaccines pushed on the public, according to new research.

Autism researcher Dr. Toby Rogers drew attention to the link between vaccine side effects and gender dysphoria in an article entitled “Trans messaging is too sophisticated to be the work of a small sexual minority dealing with severe health issues.” reports: He tackles the topic from the point of view of someone who has fought for LGBT equality and studied gender topics in depth. He said that the message has changed in recent years from the idea that sex is biological while gender is socially constructed to the claim that biological sex itself is somehow a social construct.

He wrote: “The LGBT movement went from “God does not make mistakes” (acceptance) to God as a drunken factory worker who often mixes up parts (get thee to a surgeon for repair!) in the space of just a few years.”

“The modern trans movement does not appear to be a natural outgrowth of the feminist or even gay, lesbian, and bisexual acceptance movement. It is my strong belief that something else altogether is going on here,” he added, and went on to make a convincing case for how the pharmaceutical industry is causing, supporting and benefiting from gender dysphoria.

He points to dozens of studies showing that individuals who experience gender dysphoria have a much higher likelihood of also being autistic, and vice versa. And since autism has often been linked to vaccine injury and toxins inside vaccines, and autistic people are also more likely to be trans, it stands to reason that gender dysphoria could also stem from a vaccine injury.

Interestingly, this would also explain why the trans population suddenly seems to be exploding. Elderly people who were not subject to lengthy vaccine schedules in childhood are much less likely to be trans than younger populations.

The trans movement is a win-win for Big Pharma

It’s probably not a coincidence that the transgender movement gives Big Pharma the perfect way to cover up vaccine injuries. There are people out there who have legitimate feelings of not quite identifying with certain typical male or female behaviors or interests, but the idea that this stems from something inside of them that they’ve suppressed for all their life rather than something that was caused by a vaccine altering their brain chemistry in some way shifts the blame from the pharmaceutical companies to the individual.

Then there’s the most obvious benefit, which is the enormous profitability involved in transition surgery, hormone treatments and other “gender affirming” care. In many of these cases, people must continue taking gender-altering medications for life. No matter which route a person who feels their body doesn’t align with how they perceive themselves takes, pharmaceutical companies win. Even if someone decides against hormones or surgery, there is a good chance they will turn to psychiatric medications to manage their feelings.

“Pharma uses the trans community to make money and normalizes sexual dysphoria to cover up the evidence of Pharma’s crimes,” Rogers asserts.

Of course, other factors might also be to blame for the rising trans movement, or it could be a combination of environmental and social factors. For example, there is no question that young people today are being exposed to unprecedented amounts of endocrine disruptors thanks to the prevalence of plastics in our environment, the overuse of highly toxic pesticides and hormones in everything from poultry to dairy and fish. We already know that pesticides like atrazine can turn male tadpoles into females – and on top of environmental exposure, these chemicals could have also made their way into vaccines.

Rogers also gives us another interesting question to ponder: if vaccines can indeed cause gender dysphoria, how else might they alter one’s thinking?

“Once the brain and gut are injured ALL relationships are changed, not just friendships and intimate partnerships. All interactions in the world are changed,” he warned.

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