Trump Claims Hillary Clinton Is ‘Founder Of ISIS’

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Tripoli, Libya, October 2011

Donald Trump says his U.S. presidential rival Hillary Clinton is the creator of the terrorist organisation ISIS.

He made the remarks at an event in Daytona Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, blaming his rival’s foreign policy decisions while she was secretary of state.


Belfast Telegraph reports:

The Republican presidential nominee said he believed President Barack Obama regretted picking Ms Clinton for his Cabinet.

He blamed her Middle East policies for causing the creation of the Islamic State group, or Isis.

Speaking at an event in Daytona Beach, Mr Trump said: ” It was Hillary Clinton. She should get an award from Isis as the founder of Isis.”

Mr Trump reassured supporters that, despite a tumultuous week, his campaign “has never been more united”.

He added: “T he campaign is doing really well. I would say right now it’s the best we’ve been in terms of being united.”

Mr Trump has rattled many Republicans with his moves in recent days, including escalating his feud with the family of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq.

He also refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain, and suggested that the general election could be “rigged”.


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