Thousands Of Nurses Rise Up In Defiance Of Big Pharma’s Flu Shot Threats

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More than 22,000 nurses in the United States are risking their jobs by taking a stand against Big Pharma and refusing to have the flu shot.

More than 22,000 nurses in the United States are risking their jobs by taking a stand against Big Pharma and refusing to submit to the flu shot – a vaccine that the CDC admitted is ineffective.

Nurses who refuse to be inoculated with the seasonal flu vaccine have ben forced to wear face masks when working on the wards, and now face being fired if they do not submit to Big Pharma and receive the flu shot.

The nurses, who have mobilized to form Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations to fight the corporate powers that rule their industry, claim the face masks are demeaning and ineffective, as well as an infringement of their constitutional rights.

Not only is this a human rights violation, it is also an EEOC violation.

Pointing out that the flu vaccine’s effectiveness has been called into question many times, the nurses are willing to lose their jobs rather than submit to Big Pharma and the government’s increasingly authoritarian stance on mandatory vaccinations.

“We believe that we have a moral duty to protest against mandatory vaccinations and stop the normalization of the idea in society. It is an infringement of our constitutional rights and has not even been proven effective,” a spokesperson said. 

Claiming that they are being punished for daring to stand up to Big Pharma, the nurses point out that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has even admitted that this season’s flu vaccine will not work in preventing the flu for more than 50% of people who receive the vaccination.

Dr. Karen Sullivan Sibert, a pro-vaccine doctor, has even sided with the Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations. She agrees that the rule violates HIPAA law, and that pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and the government have conspired to take away the nurses’ constitutional rights.

And these rights are being eroded because of money. Hospitals run the real risk of being de-funded if they do not force their staff to be vaccinated.

Considering how closely Big Pharma and government are linked, it should come as no surprise to know that hospitals are required to have a 90% flu vaccination rate among their staff or they will be punished by losing 2% of their funding.

The corrupt, predatory and deceitful practises that are systemic in the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries don’t stop there. The same money-driven motivation applies to doctors who are paid by pharmaceutical companies to reach quotas of vaccinated children.

For instance, Blue Cross pays Michigan doctors a $400 bonus for every child they inoculate with the 24 “recommended” vaccinations by the age of 2 years – including two flu shots.

A doctor must have more than 63% of the patients in their practice with all 24 vaccinations. If they don’t hit their 63% target they get no money at all – zero. Now you know why paediatricians are so quick to blast parents that refuse to comply with doctors orders – your love, concern and care for your child’s well-being is costing them money.

Just as the nurses who are refusing to receive the flu shot are running the risk of the hospitals they work in being de-funded, your child is little more than a numerator hit and income center for doctors and Big Pharma.

Is your doctor on the take from Big Pharma? Click this link to visit Open Payments Data to find out how much your doctor is making.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. Now THAT is the power of the people if we all refuse to take these killer vaccines ,then what are they gonna do run hospitals etc without staff who are qualified,come on MUMS DADS NURSES just do it and bring the murderers to justice

    • Sad to say, but it won’t happen. Too many people think doctors are gods and wouldn’t lie to them. They think that vaccines have saved millions of people, even though you can point out that vaccines have killed millions!

  2. So, it’s effective for a couple of the possible flu strains (our of what, thousands?) for less than half of the victims. What else does it do to ALL the victims?

    With almost 3 milliion nursing jobs, this shows how many are already in slavery (afraid of and can’t afford to lose their jobs, or simply do not understand what’s happening). I make that to be over 99 percent of them.

  3. Unless i need someone to sew me up, i see a doctor once a year, to meet the requirements of the VA. Get batteries for my hearing aids that way.

    I decided, based upon my own research into big Pharma drugs, vaccines, pill pusher doctors, that the farther once stays away western doctors and medicine, the longer one will live, and the better the quality of your life.

    Take vitamens, minerals, fats the body needs. Avoid chemicals, pre-packaged foods, sugars, pills, vaccines. Stay well.

    • How right you are John, and the fact that one needs extra vit-min due to foods being depleted of these from soil abuse. Being doing this now for many years and now in my sixties. in 2011 I fell off the back porch and badly broke/splintered my leg under the knee. It was a freak accident. Pain was virtually unbearable. They had to operate to put leg straight and patch as best as they could with rod in bone to keep it together. It was feared I would have a limp due to my age and type of break as there was no clean break but a splintering. while in hospital they tried to put me on drugs but I rejected them forcefully I might say. Only took mild aspirin to keep them happy. It was a morbid room with sick people, no windows etc, bad smell as well. I wanted to go home the day after the operation as the place was depressive but was somewhat threatened about possible things that could go wrong. I stayed for three days and then demanded to go home, best thing I had done, sunshine , light, fresh air, best healing medicine you could get. To cut a long story short, I fully recovered with no infections no side affects etc due to diet, vit-min supp, herbs, garlic, dairy etc etc. needles to say it surprised the doctors when they saw me coming with no limp etc. They tried to give me xrays for the sake of it (they gave me tons when I broke my leg, made me very suspicious, made lots of money then I bet) but I refused, and the nurse was most indignant and somewhat annoyed, as the doctor(demi-god) had ordered it; was quite funny actually as the other patients in the clinic were aghast that I had said NO to the doctors command. They then threatened me with no more services if I missed another check up, and so I said goodbye and so-long peoples.

  4. I haven’t been vaccinated in over 10 years. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and they try to scare me advising that I am in a higher risk category because of my terminal disease. I laugh, I take Elderberry, Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf if needed and very seldom get sick, last time I missed work due to illness was probably over 10 years ago. They can take Big Pharma and stuff em. They are nothing but a bunch of Criminal conspirators that try to hook everybody on drugs to make trillions. NOT me. Remove Processed Sugar, wheat, GMO foods, soy, from your diet and you will feel much better, Avoid soda pop even if no calorie, pop is dangerous… and cause bone problems

    • Diabetes is not necessarily terminal, it can be treated with diet. My dad was diagnosed type 2 and now that has been reversed – completely. No drugs ever.

      • Praise the Lord for that. I am type one, Never overweight, woke up one morning and my pancreas no longer wanted to function. BS was well over 600 and A1C was 16. so in my case until I find a cure, is terminal, but not that bad to live with it. just have to do the right thing. But still throws me a curveball now and then. ha ha ha so must watch it. Glad your dad’s got reversed. hallelujah and praise the LORD for that.

  5. Truth: The U.S. Government Is the Biggest Drug Dealer in the World!

    To include:

    The fourth largest asset class owned by the Vatican is founding
    industry and controlling stocks in a narrow class of industries related to arms manufacture, military support and pharmaceuticals including strategic financial relationships with the international trade of illegal drugs.

    2. Through these strategic investments, the Roman Catholic Church is by far the single largest arms dealer, profiteer from conflict, profiteer from the growth of the pharmaceutical industry as well as single largest recipient of illegal drug money of any organization in the history of the World….

    ALSO – An Article from

    It’s more than hypocritical for any member of the government to denounce marijuana in the name of public health while millions of Americans puff away on cancer-causing tobacco products, especially given the number of conditions and diseases that can be treated with cannabis. But when it comes to Jeff Sessions, this hypocrisy is taken to a whole other level. Sessions was a shill for Big Tobacco back in the 90s and fought against the litany of lawsuits facing the tobacco industry. But this… this is the man we’re supposed to believe is concerned about public health?

    I understand Attorney General Session’s is invested in the Prison Industry as well….

  6. My wife took on our local clinic, won – then turned in her notice. She also went to the state capitol to testify in favor of a bill to make it illegal to mandate the flu vaccine. During that time a “doctor” with a list of credentials a mile long came up and blatantly lied about vaccines, my wife had the insert from the flu vaccine the clinic was mandating contradicting his statement. What I found truly dumfounding was even when this was presented, the number of people who defended the lie.

  7. Hospitals would do the world a BIG favor by concentrating on hygiene within their walls instead of chasing this corporate lie. Staph infections is a bigger patient threat than any virus.

  8. Why would the pharmaceutical companies make a vaccine that does not work?

    Beeeeeeecause they bribed the Gubermint to make everyone take it and pay for it.

  9. I agree J W but if we sow the seed of the power of the masses also refusing these toxic killer drugs ita a start of trying to save WE the PEOPLe Wake Up for GODS sake stop taking this SH>>

  10. watch out for the comment from OBOHNER about a Dr Johnson its a scam to sell you books another pharmaceutical shill trying to sell us toxic sh<<t

  11. When “we” were required to take the Flu Shot, I had a deal with a medical associate.
    I would “give” her the shot and she would “give” me the shot.

  12. The flu shot is definitely a bad idea. See the amazing research here. This site has the best info on the internet on the flu shot. Has US data as well. It lays out step by step all the flu shot problems and every fact backed up by top notch sources.

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