VIDEO: Insane Jet/Helicopter Hybrid Right Out Of Sci-Fi Unveiled

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A new development company, XTI, has unveiled an incredible helicopter/jet hybrid right out of a “Star Wars” film.  They are looking for investors, and have set up an equity crowd funding campaign to make their futuristic craft a reality.  

From GeoBeats News:

Helicopters and jets come with great transportation advantages, but both have limitations as well.

While the former can take off from small spaces, it doesn’t have the speed of a jet. Airplanes, on the other hand, need a runway, which requires the hassles of an airport.

The team at XTI Aircraft Company believes they’ve designed a concept that combines the best of both methods. The commercial hybrid plane is named TriFan 600.

To help secure the funding needed for a prototype, they’ve become the first large-scale aviation effort to set up an equity crowdfunding campaign; the goal is $50 million.

Like some military aircraft, the TriFan 600 is a vertical takeoff and landing plane which means it can rise out of and land in tight spaces like the top of skyscrapers or near building entrances.

Once airborne, its three fans transition as needed to enable the plane to fly at high speeds.

The interior has been designed with space, luxury, and high-tech amenities in mind.

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