Pelosi Faces JAIL Time for Fabricating J6 Evidence Which Was Used To Imprison Trump Supporters

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Pelosi could face jail for fabricating evidence about J6

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could face prison time for fabricating J6 evidence that was used by prosecutors to jail Trump supporters.

According to journalist John Solomon, new evidence proves that Pelosi doctored the tapes used by the Jan. 6 House committee.

“Everything about January 6 was scripted,” Solomon told fellow journalist Jack Posobiec, before adding that upon browsing the security footage, he noticed a glaring lack of sound in many of the scenes that he had previously both seen and heard. reports: He recounted asking a group of “experts” about the sound of the surveillance tapes, only to be met with the response that there was not any to start with. 

Solomon then said, “But there was, I saw it in the January 6 hearings,” before making his explosive allegation:

“Well guess what? It was faked. The sound was dubbed in basically, the January 6 committee faked the tapes. They faked the American people by adding sound that wasn’t on the tapes.”

This bombshell from Solomon came after his outlet was granted “unfettered access to the J6 tapes,” by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), according to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). 

As The Hill noted, over 44,000 hours of footage from the event were released to Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the purposes of reporting earlier this year. Democrat politicians and members of the media alike reacted with fury at the time, insisting that such transparency would jeopardize the Capitol’s security. 

Carlson was not able to continue that work after he was fired from Fox News, with no reason given.

Earlier in the interview, a video of the events discussed by Solomon showed a group of Congressmen and their security detail leaving the Capitol, seemingly not in a hurry. Nancy Pelosi can be seen casually strolling along with others in a hallway, along with her cameraman and daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, who was shooting the whole thing.

Solomon commented on the Pelosis’ conduct, saying they “were doing this Hollywood style,” and that they did not consider this to be a “crisis moment,” but rather a “political movie moment.” He additionally pointed out that Pelosi had at one time spoken about the “trauma” that was supposedly endured during that evacuation.  

According to Solomon, then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund was fired by Nancy Pelosi a few days after the Capitol riot, and just recently claimed on Solomon’s show that the Pelosi mother and daughter’s filming antics hampered his security detail. 

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